Picnic Birthday Party Ideas

Children’s birthday parties are fun and easy with just a little creative thinking. Consider the possibilities of a picnic as the theme. Picnic birthday party ideas abound.  The decorations, activities, and food could not be easier.  All ages can enjoy such a gathering.  Children of Picnic Birthday Party Sack Raceelementary school age are a perfect targeted age group for such a function. What is old is new on this one.  A few games from the past will delight and inject a bit of quaint tradition in this time of glitzy computer action games.

Decorations:  The best part of the picnic birthday party is the ease of decorating.  Red and white checkered tablecloths and an outdoor area are the main requirements. Hay bales can double as serving tables when covered with patterned fabric or oil cloth.   Inexpensive bandanas displayed  or even used as a clothing item add to the festivities. Consider stringing the bandanas using cord or twine.  Tie the twine   between some ‘natural posts’ such as readily available trees. Pumpkins and scarecrows add to the decor if the time of the year for the celebration occurs in the fall season.

Music:  A party is not a party without music.  Anything works here with the age of the attendees taken into account. A party tunes CD with children’s tunes such as Chicken Dance works well for younger children.  Country western music is excellent.  Pick one up that teaches line dancing and make the music double as an activity.Picnic Party Sack Race

Activities:  Sadly, many children today only think of entertainment as electronic.  Turn off the computers and enable participants enjoy a grand old, traditional time.    Considerations are;  sack races, face-painting, egg in the spoon relay race, bean bag toss, bingo, duck-duck-goose, or piñata.  Line dancing as mentioned above  adds a ‘kick.' Make ice cream at the beginning of the party.  Everyone helps with this endeavor which later becomes  dessert.

Food:  Barbecue begs consideration at this event.   Hamburgers, hotdogs, grilled meats, cole slaw, potato salad or potato chips, and baked beans play together to create the complete menu.  Serve the delectable delights in red lined with red checkered napkins or paper.  These are inexpensive easily stored and used repeatedly for different occasions. Kabobs with fresh fruits of the season delight everyonFruit Kabobe.  Rounded tip skewers work well for younger children. Set up an ice cream cone station complete with all the fixings.   Doing so sets up one sweet ending to a perfect birthday picnic party!