ADHD is a real disorder, despite what many people believe. Sadly, there are some who believe that the symptoms of ADHD is nothing more than a lack of discipline. In some ways that is correct, but ADHD effects the ability to self-discipline. ADHD is real and so are the symptoms, helping those that suffer from this disorder is both challenging and rewarding.

Things You Will Need

Education and time.

Step 1

Start by working with a medical therapist. Loved ones and or parents must be involved with every step and should work closely with a therapist on how to control ADHD.

Step 2

Focus in on that diet. The fact is diet plays a major role in ADHD and knowing what does or does not amplify the ADHD symptoms is vital. The problem lies in the fact everyone is different and not everyone is effected in the same manner. Start with the main culprits, sugar and caffiene and work through different foods. Keep a detailed jounral of food and what the effects were.

Step 3

Like a physical weakness, attention span can be strengthened. Start with exercises such as lighting a candle and having the child or adult stare at the candle. Each time extend the period of time watching the candle flame. Also, try things such as soothing card games or board games that force the person to sit for an extending period of time. Regardless of activity make sure it involves an extended period of time and peaceful moments.

Step 4

Remove noise from the house. Make time for some peaceful moments with limited sounds. This can help soothe the symptoms of ADHD by helping the brain to sit and relax. Also, don't be afraid to add in conversations that are extended and go beyond yes, no, maybe etc.

Step 5

Limit the time spent watching or playing hyperactive television shows or video games. However, don't be afraid to let the child or adult do these things, but replace those hyperactive shows with something that is educational and has a purpose.
The best thing a loved can do for an adult or child suffering from ADHD is to understand and be strong.

Tips & Warnings

ADHD medications may be necessary, so don't shut the door to them, keep an open mind about things.