Kids are creative, but sometimes activities and things block their creative flow. Helping them be creative just means clearing anything that blocks this natural flow. Not getting the desired toy immediateley can draw out creativity. If kids can get past the frustration of not having the exact toy, they may see things in their toy box and around the house to help them create their own toy.

Creativity knows no rules. Parents can help start children with ideas, by showing them the things they can use around the home, and helping them to see these things in new ways.

Things You Will Need

An area for a mess
Stuff pulled out of junk drawers and craft/workbench scrapes that are kid safe

Step 1

Kid created paper princess slippers (19968) Letting children need something such as the newest toy or even a new pair of slippers allows creativity to flow. This picture shows a pair of paper princess slippers created by a child who had some princess dresses, but not the right shoes to match.

Step 2

Taking some time one on one with our children where we play with the junk drawer items and left over scrapes from crafts and dad's workbench inspires ideas in our kids. Watching their parents create whether it turns out or not, helps our children to see the creative process. It lets them know inventions don't always turn out, and that's okay. It lets them copy our successes, and take them further with their own inventions and ideas.

Step 3

Allowing for messes sometimes for over a period of days helps kids to return to ideas started, and put together little creations for a wonderful invention.
Having children involved with what to do with the messes, gives them another opperutunity to be creative. Let them organize inventions, and help in deciding what to do with all the pieces. They help clean up, as this very activity helps them become more creative.

Tips & Warnings

Helping our kids become creative may kindle the creative flame in us too!