few tips on how to help your child when starting school

The beginning of 1st grade is a big step for both, parents and children. It can be quite stressful, because your child steps into unknown environment and it is very important that he knows what to do and how to act. Every child has problems when it comes to changes, but some of them have more difficulty than the others in accepting it. Here are some of the problems that may occur and how specialists recommend us to deal with them.

If your child doesn’t want to go to school

If he’s crying every morning and doesn’t want to go to school, or he has become aggressive and avoids talking, this means he’s having very hard time adapting to the new environment and schedule. This behavior is normal for first 2-3 weeks, until he get used to everyday activities. This can be a result of bad communication with the others, or he might not like his teacher and colleagues. Talk to him, ask about his new classmates. Maybe he is not accepted in their group. Or maybe he’s having treble adapting to the new teacher and his way of teaching. Ask him if he understands everything that he learns at school and help him out.  

If he has problems making new friends in his class

Children can start new friendships and integrate in new groups much easier than adults do. But it sometimes depends on the way your child is used to communicate. If in kindergarten he was sociable and he easily made friends, there will be no problem for him. Children who come from conservative families and are not used to new people, can have difficulties socializing. It is important that you ask him about this matter. If he has problems with making friends, ask him why. Maybe his classmates are mocking him for one reason or another. This can have a major impact on his personality. Ask some of his old friends to come over. They can share the same experiences from their school.

If he doesn’t manage to do his homework

Homework is his responsibility. If he’s motivated he can do his homework easily. But sometimes parents make a big pressure on their children. They are insisting on too much learning and being “the best”. You have to keep in mind that every child has its own rhythm of learning. If he’s making some errors in his homework, it doesn’t mean he will be a bad student later. Instead of pressuring him or, even worse, doing his homework for him, you can encourage him and accept his small errors.

If he is stressed

Children can become very much stressed out and even have bad dreams or insomnia. This might appear if your child is reserved and doesn’t share his problems with you. He might get really exhausted and overwhelmed by the changes, unless you explain to him what is going on. Ask him what he feels since he started 1st grade, what he likes and dislikes. Tell him about you, how you started school, and if you don’t remember make it up just to encourage him.