Bags under the eyes!You don't have to be old to want to hide bags and dark circles under the eyes. Part of its genetics. Dark circles and bags can be inherited. However, they can appear worst as we age. These can also just show up due to aging. It can seem as if it just happens overnight for some. Poof! Then right away you notice a big difference. Relax, rest easy, there are many ways to deal with this. Cosmetics can work wonders, if you know how to apply them.

How to hide dark circles and bags under the eyes:

  1. First use a primer. For best results use a silicone based primer. These are available at the cosmetic counters of most mid to better department stores or online. Use the finger, small disposable applicator or cotton swab to dab a small amount under the eye, the problem area. Some people find with minor problems, this is all that is needed. It is amazing what the silicone based primer can cover.
  2. Use a concealer in a peachy tone for light skin, apricot for darker skin. Make small dots on the bottom and top eye lids. Blended it in with a cotton swab or finger. For best results blend from the inside corner to the outside corner.
  3. Last use a highlighter in a very light color. Ivory for light skin people and go up shades in darkness as the skin is darker. Outline the corners with the highlighter with a sideways v-shape. Like a less great than and less than symbol in math. Blended it in with a cotton swab or finger.
  4. Wear dark eyeliner on just the upper eyelid to draw attention away from bags under the eyes. Only use sheer eye shadows in warm colors. Avoid putting lots of foundation on and stay away from blush.

To keep the eyes looking their best

Always get enough sleep and rest. Drink plenty of water and try to avoid stress. It's best to avoid any type of drug and stimulate. Use cold eye mask or cucumber slices to reduce puffiness. For dark circles, gently massage the under eyes to improve circulation.


  1. You should avoid using your finger to apply makeup to the eye. If you do use the finger, make sure you properly wash it ahead of time. It's best to use disposable eye makeup applicators.
  2. Avoid over using the silicone based primer. A little goes along way. Too much will cause the skin to become too slick. Too much also caused the make up to just run off the primer.
  3. Use liquid concealers that come with skinny stick brush applicators. You have more control over the application. If you use one that has to big of a brush or a concealer stick, your in for a mess of mistakes and over application.

Apply these tips to hide bags and dark circles under the eyes.