How to Plant a Micro Spy Camera in Your Car


How to Hide a Spy Camera in a Car

Of course spying with a hidden video camera can raise some serious ethical questions, but the simple fact is that there are times when you either need to know or are curious to know what is going on with your own car.  Planting a hidden spy camera in your vehicle can be an excellent way to catch a thief or simply check up on what’s happening to your car and/or who is actually using it.  But placing the camera correctly in the car can be challenging.  The trick is to make sure it is properly hidden so that it is not discovered and of course at the same time we want to be sure we are capturing quality images of what we expect to see.


Camera Selection: Size matters

Buy the smallest and most portable camera that you can find. In today’s market there are hundreds of hidden spy cameras available, some battery operated and including a wide variety of cameras that are disguised as common ordinary objects.  When you are buying a hidden camera it is important to consider what video length that you will need. How much filming time are you going to need in order to capture what you want to see? Are you going to want it to have audio or an internet feed? Generally speaking, the smallest cameras are the least powerful and come with fewer options than say, a clock spy camera that you would use in the home, but of course this is what gives them their portability and allows them to be easily hidden.

Location, Location, Location

Choose where you are going to place the camera based on what you hope to see.  For example, if you are expecting to capture an image of the face of the driver, be it a car thief or your little brother that is not supposed to driving your car, you will want to choose a location directly in front of the driver’s seat, perhaps located in the dash instrument panel or sun visor. And of course if it some sort of activity that you expect will occur in the back seat, choosing a location hidden in the back of the car would be the most logical. Note that if you are considering using a spy camera that has remote control to change the angle or focus, you should keep in mind that it’s possible that the camera will make sound when it is moving and therefore could be discovered by whomever you are spying on.

Is That Bobble Head Doll Watching Me?

Choosing to hide the spy camera in an object that is not fixed and that you can remove from the car can be an intelligent option. This is probably the easiest way to hide it, but be sure to pick an object and a stable position where the camera will most likely not be moved or touched by the passengers.  Some logical considerations may be the hula or bobble head doll that sits on the dashboard, the big fuzzy dice or other similar objects that hang from the rearview mirror, or the reusable trash bag that hangs on the back of the front seat. A CD holder may not be a good option, as it will probably be handled by the passengers and moved around.

Getting Serious

Planting the spy camera in the vehicle itself will require a little more effort, but is probably the surest way to hide it where it will not be discovered or moved by whoever is in the car.  Try to situate it within the seat cushion if you can, or perhaps in the seat cover. Other good places include the instrument panel of the dashboard, the air/heat vents or in the stereo speakers.

Testing 1, 2: Action!

Once that you have it installed you will need to test it and see exactly how and what it is filming. Even if you are confident that you have chosen the perfect place to hide the camera, it’s a good idea to take some test images to make you sure you have the correct angle etc. If possible do the test will actual people in the car to be sure that the camera is capturing their movements and is adjusted to the right height in order to capture the headshots for example. Everything look good? Scene 1, take 1 and…Action!  Good luck.