Christmas village collections are both popular and expensive. You might have found a collection by Thomas Kinkade or Lenox that really spoke to you. It could even just be a family tradition where you just add in one or two pieces every year. This can help cut down on the costs over time. Since this is a collection a lot of other people are going to have it, so just change up the display without really hurting the value of the piece.

Make sure that the pieces that you choose will really accent your village. If you have Dickens villages then look for small figurines in the costume of the time. You might even be able to find small Christmas ornaments that would work. This is a way that you can just decorate it very inexpensively. Just head to the dollar store. Look for ornaments for miniature trees. This really gives it quite a whimsical look although you want to make sure that it doesn't detract from the overall quality of the collection.
Change up where you put this. If you are building this from year to year at first it can seem a little bit sparse. Really change up where you use this such as part of your centerpiece. In this case it could just be on several small pedestals to literally elevate it to the most importance possible. You can even just really use it on simple trays.

It makes sense to integrate this into your décor if you want more of a sophisticated look. Try this on a fireplace mantle or even just on bookcases. You can really expand it as you build it over time. You can also just try less expensive pieces that the kids can really play with. This can just be plastic and you can display it around the Christmas tree. Then even add in a train. This can really become a family tradition and you might already have a train in the toy box that would really work. This works for more casual, oversized, brick style villages.

It's important to really make this very personal, especially when you buy Christmas village collections. You might be able to find small statues of local landmarks that you can integrate into your collection so that it really gets a personal touch. You could also just try hand painting different statues. This can just be a simple ceramic piece. It's also one of the least expensive options. Plus, then you can make sure that you get a fun color palette or let the kids help so that you get to build both memories and a village at the same time. Even just make your own street signs of your neighborhood for a very custom look in your space instead of just the basic faux lampposts.

Have a lot of fun with snow. Traditionally this mimics quilt batting. However, you could get a more whimsical look just by substituting feather boas. Wrap this around and make sure that there aren't any safety issues with your lights.