The number of jobs available for nurse practitioners is expected to grow between 2008 and 2018 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Nurse practitioners are beneficial to many healthcare facilities since they can perform more procedures than registered nurses but don’t require the salary of a physician or physician’s assistant. To take advantage of the benefits nurse practitioners provide, it’s important for healthcare facilities to learn how to hire nurse practitioners.


Run advertisements. Place advertisements for nurse practitioners on popular career websites such as Monster and CareerBuilder in addition to local newspapers. Promote the job on websites geared specifically to the nursing field such as and the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) career link.  Make sure the job advertisement provides clear instructions for how interested applicants should apply and who they should contact if they have further questions.


Review applications. After receiving applications for the practitioner position at your organization, take time to review them. Learn what education and experience each applicant has working in the nursing field. Nurse practitioners were registered nurses before they got the education to advance, so many have worked in physician offices, hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Decide which candidates you want to interview for the job based on the skills and experience listed on their resume.


Conduct interviews. Meet with each job candidate you selected to interview for the position. Ask questions that allow them to expand on their experience and why they chose to become a nurse practitioner. Find out why they’re interested in working for your organization. Provide them with a short tour of your facility plus the opportunity to meet other staff members they’ll be working with.


Check credentials. Contact the references the applicant listed on their application to learn about their experience as well as their personal characteristics. Find out whether their previous employers and references would recommend hiring them. Make sure their license is active and in good standing by verifying it with the state licensing board, and check their education credentials by requesting a transcript from their school.


Complete hiring paperwork. Once you’ve selected a person to fill your nurse practitioner position, set a time and date for them to begin employment. Have them meet with a person from the personnel department first thing to fill out all the employment paperwork required by your organization. This includes forms such as the I-9 and W-4 as well as any benefit paperwork. Provide them with orientation and training that helps them make the transition to working as a nurse practitioner for your company.