If you are thinking of hiring someone to make your webpage, there are several considerations that you need to take.  You need to take a three-pronged approach.  You need to have someone who understand the three aspects of web development:

1.) Business.  Your webpage is part of your business.  Sometimes a technical person or a web designer won't know that much about how business is done and transacted.  You need someone who has some basic experience and knowledge of how business is operated.  That doesn't mean that they have to have an MBA, but they should have some comprehension of business. 

2.) Technology.  Many web designers don't have a clue about how to make a dynamic site.  They can make everything look very pretty, but the site won't be very operational.  You need someone who has technical skills in JavaScript as well as in either Java or PHP.  Most sites these days are programmed in Java or PHP along with plenty of JavaScript.  A lot of graphic artists out there know how to make a beautiful site, but don't know anything about programming.  It is a good idea to have an excellent graphic artist design your site, but if you don't have a technical programmer or team backing them up, your site will be nothing more than a beautiful brochure.

3.) Creative or Design.  You need someone who is creatively inclined with design skills to make your site look excellent. However, if you just depend on someone who has creative and design skills with HTML and CSS, you won't have anything resembling modern websites.  The site will be static, only focusing on the design aspects and the visual impact of your website.

If you only have the budget to hire one person and you are looking between business, technology, and creative professionals, then you should either hire a technical person or a creative person.  They will be able to get what you need.  If you hire a technical person, then you can always give your site a facelift later.  If you have a creative, design-oriented person making your site, you can always implement more dynamic technologies later based on the design.

Try to label a person or team when they present you with a plan to build your website.  Try to categorize them in these three fields.  Perhaps even number your candidates from one to ten based on these different aspects of building a site. 

Some companies have competencies in all of these areas.  They might be more expensive, but they could offer a better solution.

Finally, we should discuss Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  No matter how good your website is, if it is ranked at the bottom of the search engines, it won't be viewed.  SEO experts know how to get your website to the front of the search results on search engines.  Try to see if your creative designer, technologist, or business expert knows about SEO.  It is an integral part of the process of promoting websites.