Save Time & Money

Many people simply do not have the time to give their house a thorough cleaning. With multiple kids, a business to run, and gym time to squeeze in, it can be hard for some families to keep the house clean, germ free, and looking great.

As a business owner, I often struggle with finding the time to take on many chores, so in order to maximize my time, a maid service can be of huge help.  It can require a larger investment, but the time you save by avoiding lengthy house cleans, vacuuming, and kitchen scrubs can allow you to really keep up with the hard work.  A skilled team can clean up dirt, recent stains, dust quickly, and scrub down the kitchen, often times with specialized equipment or detergents.  This leaves me with extra time to take the kids to school or to soccer practice.

If you have left your bathroom unclean for a long time, mold and grime can begin to develop.  A reliable cleaning service stays on top of this for you so that you can spend more time dealing with the kids or getting higher priorities complete.  Smart cleaning companies will take the time to invest in their own workers, so make sure to screen them beforehand.

Be sure to research your maid service to check their reputation and whether or not they are covered by adequate insurance.  This ensures that you get satisfactory service with a worry-free mindset.  I've had to filter out services that seemed unable to produce proof of insurance.

If your business rents out office space, it can be difficult in keeping up with the cleaning work. Office complexes often require a lot of maintenance due to their size, so hiring a janitorial service is a must. You want to keep the morale of your employees high as well as impress any clients that happen to come through the door. Employees are often lazy with trash, messes, and general spills.  The proper commercial cleaning professionals will help get the job done. Bathrooms especially need daily scrubbing and trash collection because many people tend to dirty them up without any regard for their overall cleanliness.  This attitude can lead to the spread of germs, so make sure you find a properly trained cleaning team.

When I did a stint working in advertising, our kitchen cleaning professionals were subpar. They often took too long to address spills and messes left by inconsiderate employees. Employee behavior is sometimes shocking and it becomes necessary to address this issue in order to keep sanitary conditions.

The outside of your business office building may need a professional window wash, especially if you work in a high-rise building.  Bring in an expert window cleaning service to keep the outside of your building looking professional.  Clients will definitely take notice if windows are years behind on proper grime removal.  Working in a high rise building, I would take notice of the various unclean window conditions near the top and it was certainly disappointing.  Office building personnel should make it a point to clean the outside windows at least once a year.

Power washing is a great way to treat your building facade, especially if the siding is older or has begun to grow mold or has attracted stubborn dirt and mud patches.  Experts can bring in different power levels, detergents, and other strong equipment to take on the toughest of challenges.  Doing this yourself can be risky as you can accidently strip away paint, siding, or even damage windows with a misfire!  I would recommend hiring an experienced pressure washing service once a year in order to maintain the outside of your buildings, whether home or office.

Tutorial on Proper Technique

Hiring the right professional can help you save a ton of time and also keeps your house shiny and clean.  Prevent unhealthy buildup of mold, dirt, grime, germs, and other tough situations by keeping up on your office or house cleaning!

Tips on hiring:

  • Always check for reputation first, through online reviews or referrals
  • Ensure that the company invests in the training of its employees long term
  • Most companies should be insured.  Make sure you check this before hiring their service.

Save time and money by outsourcing your cleaning jobs to keep your home and office shiny for visitors.