Don't let bad weather keep you from getting on your bike and getting a good workout done. With indoor bicycle trainers you can turn your regular bike into a two in one exercise machine as a standard bike and also as an indoor bike. These bike stands as they are also known simulate the road tire resistance and allow you to pedal freely without actually going anywhere on the bike.

Place the indoor bicycle trainer on a level floor surface. Ensure there is enough room in front of the trainer for the length of the bike as well as on each side for clearance while pedaling. Note that some indoor trainers fold open for use. If so, open the trainer and move the locking latch into place if equipped.

Fill up your bike tires to the recommended PSI indicated on your tire sidewalls.

Remove your rear tire skewer (that hold the rim and spokes to the bike frame) using the bike's quick release handle on the rear tire side. Slide the skewer out and slide the trainer's skewer in it's place. If the bike lacks a quick release lever skip this step and disregard the trainer's skewer.

Lift the bike by it's seat post and place the back tire over the center of the trainer. Slowly lower it so that the left side of the rear skewer sits on top of the left side of the trainer.

Pull the release handle on the left side of the trainer. The bike's skewer will drop slightly into a locking opening on the opposite of the trainer. Let go of the release handle to lock it into place. Ensure the handle is fully in the locked positon.


Turn the threading handle or lever on the trainer to expand the space between the two sides of the trainer if your bike doesn't fit between the trainer sides. If your trainer stand has a resistance wheel proceed to Step 7, otherwise skip directly to Step 8.

Turn the knob or lever for he resistance wheel until the wheel is firmly pressed against the back of the rear bike tire. Turn further to increase resistance.

Some considerations:

Some trainers lack a resistance wheel but include a magnet system to simulate resistance. In this case attach the stand alone magnet to the spokes so it lines up with the magnet on the trainer.

Always use care when using an indoor bike trainer. Ensure pets and small children keep clear. 
Always consult your health care professional before beginning an exercise routine.