iMac on T.V.

If you're asking yourself "How to hook up a T.V. to my iMac?" you will find that the answer is very simple. The iMac has a beautiful display and requires no other external monitor, but if you want to see your iMac content on your HDTV to ease of viewing or to extend your desktop to another monitor, hooking your iMac up to your television is a job that you can handle.

Supplies Needed to Connect iMac to Your T.V.

In order to connect your television and your iMac you will need an iMac adapter and a cord along with an iMac that has a mini display port. The adapter is used to get the output from your iMac's mini display port and connect to a cord. The cord is used to carry the signal from that adapter to the television.

You actually have a few different options to get the job done, and the one you choose depends on which ports you have available on your television. Here are the supplies that you can pick from depending on your system setup.

These are the two easiest options and one of them should work for your television. To pick the option that is right for you, first look at your open television ports. If you have an HDMI port available this is easier to setup and tear down and the HDMI cable supports full audio. If you don't have an HDMI port available, the VGA option may be your best choice.

Option 1: To connect to the HDMI port on your television

Adapter: mini display port to HDMI adapter (female)

Cord: standard HDMI cord (both ends male)

Option 2: To connect to the VGA port on your television

Adapter: mini display port to VGA adapter (female)

Cord: standard VGA cord (both ends male)

In case you don't know what a male and female cord is, the male end plugs into something and the female end gets plugged into.

How To Connect Your iMac to Your T.V.

Here is the simple process to make the connection.

Step 1: Connect Cord to T.V.

First, simply connect the one end of the cord to the open port on your television.

Step 2: Connect Adapter to Cord

Next, connect one end of the cord to the open end of your mini adapter.

Step 3: Connect Mini Display Port

Finally, connect the mini display port end of your new adapter to your iMac's mini display port output. This completes the setup process.


Setup Tips and Notes

Here are some tips that will help you to set up your connection properly.

There are several iMac adapters available so you will find something that works for you.

You may need to either install the cords while your iMac is off or restart the iMac once you are done for your computer to recognize the new output. If you install the cords when your system is on and cannot see a display, try this step to clear it up.

By connecting your iMac to a T.V. you can either use the T.V. as a second monitor to extend your desktop to get more done, or you can display the same content on both devices which is handy when you are viewing something with an audience or giving a presentation.

You may need to adjust the resolution after hookup to make the picture fill your television screen or to avoid a picture that runs off the screen. Also check out the maximum display size of the adapter you purchase, as older models may only support a certain screen size.

Ready For Viewing

Now that you know how to hook a T.V. up to your iMac, you can enjoy your iMac experience in a whole new way.