I am sure many of us have lots of things in our closet that we don’t wear anymore, at the same time we want to buy new clothes, but are on a tight budget. The solution for this dilemma, host a clothing swap party with your friends! A swap party is a great way to get new clothing, without paying a dime. With these few simple steps, you will have a great party planned.

Send out invites

Invite 10 to 15 friends, this seems to be the best number for swap parties. Send your invites out a few weeks before your party. Invites can be e-mailed, on Facebook or sent by snail mail. On your invention make sure to explain the rules of your swap party. The rules I go by when I host a swap party are. Have each guest bring 5 to 10 clean clothing items or accessories. Your guests will receive one ticket for each item they bring. The ticket can then be traded for a item of similar value. What ever items are unclaimed are donated to charity. You can use these rules or make some of your own up, it’s up to you!

Gather supplies

Some items that you will want to have for your swap party are: full-length mirrors, clothing racks, hangers, tickets, three bins or large baskets, and trays for smaller items. Also make sure you have an area that guests can try clothes on. 

Plan the menu

Shopping as we know can work up a appetite, so have a some snacks and beverages for your guests. Don’t get stressed over the food, after all your party is not focused on the food. A fun drink like fancy lemonade and a few snacks will work just fine.

Decorate and set the scene

Parties are always more fun with decorations! Decorations are totally up to you. You pick a color theme, or decorate very girly. If you are stuck on how to decorate, there are always lot’s of ideas on Pinterest. The day of your party you will need to set your scene. Put out the clothing racks with the hangers, the full length mirror. Set out three bins or baskets with price signs on them like $, $$, and $$$. Set up the snacks and beverages. Lay trays out for small items like jewelry. You can also display your best “merchandise” for example beautiful dress to create a boutique feel. Scatter some fashion magazines around and you are done!

 When your guests arrive

Have each of your guests separate her items into the bins upon arrival. This will insure that she is getting items of the same value that she brought, and it is fair for everyone. Give her a ticket for each item she brings. Once all of your guests have arrived let them mingle, read the magazines, and snack while you separate the clothing onto the racks by value. Once you are done let your guests shop! They get to pick one new items of similar value of what they brought per ticket. 

 My favorite swap parties are clothing and accessories parties with my girlfriends, but you could also do a book, kid clothes, or toy swap party.