Choosing to host a couples' wedding shower can certainly, especially nowadays, be a viable alternative to the commonly conducted bridal shower that only has the bride in attendance. Dependent upon who will do the planning, there are many things to consider when hosting a couples' wedding shower.

Things You Will Need

a Bride
a Groom
Beverages (Champagne/Sparkling Cider)
Wedding Shower Invitations
Postage Stamps

Step 1

Although we won't discount the possibility, the bride really shouldn't be drastically involved in the planning process of the couple's bridal shower. Neither should the groom. With their wedding on the horizon, they have enough to worry about, and having to plan for a bridal shower, as well, may put their minds on overload. Typically, it would be expected that the parents of the bride and/or groom would step up and even possibly collaborate on what will be needed when hosting a couples' wedding shower.
Dependent upon how close and strong family ties are, siblings and/or bridesmaids and groomsmen may also become involved in the planning process to simply just generall helping out.

Step 2

Once the person(s) who will take the lead in planning the bridal shower are identified, it will now be important to ask for both the bride and groom's input before engaging in any planning. While the person charged with planning may have a strong sense of the 'likes' and 'dislikes' of the bride and groom, this is a unique occasion in their lives. For this reason, it doesn't hurt at all to be genuinly interested in how they envision their bridal shower.
As you plan, ask the bride and groom for their input and involve them in the process without overbearing them. Understand that the stresses of having everything 'perfect' for their wedding may be mounting, and their bridal shower should be a fun time. Among the tasks that the bride and groom could become involved with together are developing a list of all the guests that they would like to come to their couples' bridal shower. They should also be reminded that it is the norm, and common courtesy, to invite the people who were invited to the bridal shower, to the wedding.

Step 3

With work schedules and a variety of issues that could cause conflict, one of the primary issues to be addressed should be finding a time, for the couples' bridal shower, that works best for the bride and groom. Knowing that Friday or Saturday evenings will typically work best for your guests, the bride and groom themselves may have to be a bit accomodating to the masses by calling off from work or postponing an arrangement if need be. Rather than inconvenience guests to make a time work that would be generally difficult any way, the bride and groom should be prepared to simply work out a time that will.

Step 4

Dependent on the amount of people that you plan to invite to the couples' bridal shower, will depend on where you choose to host it. Your home may or may not be a good option, dependent on alot of variables. While some have found the home to be a great option for hosting, others have resorted utilizing a nearby restaurant or park. If you opt to use a park, or any venue located outside, it will be important to make seasonal considerations and arrangements that won't overly inconvenience your guests.

Step 5

The atmosphere and theme of your couples' bridal shower should definitely be taken into account. Generally speaking, you will want to foster an atmosphere that is conducive to the groom's enjoyment, as well. Rather than have the couples' bridal shower be overly feminine, or masculine in theme, a neutral setting is generally the best way to go. Balloon arrangements, with masculine 'black' colors intertwined with the feminine 'pinks' will serve to complement each other well, while providing a celebatory atmosphere that can be enjoyed by all your guests.

Step 6

After making out your list of all those who the bride and groom would like invited, you can consider the setting and what type of dress you feel would be appropriate for the setting. From formal to casual dress, the bride and groom may have a particular preference for the occasion, and that should definitely be annotated on the invitations.

Step 7

The handling and management of food can take a variety of forms, dependent on the bride and groom's preferences, as well as, the setting and atmosphere of the event. From a catered dinner, to simply having wine and appetizers, there are a variety of approaches you can take with the food aspect of your event.

Tips & Warnings

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