How to Host a Mario Birthday Party Thinking about having a Mario themed birthday party? Go ahead, a Mario party is an excellent idea and will be great fun for all involved and especially the lucky birthday boy or girl! To host the best Mario party though, you will need to do a few things and have a few different items and decorations. This article tells you how to host a Mario birthday party.

Things You Will Need

Mario Invitations Mario Posters Mario Decorations Mario Part Bags Party Food A venue

Step 1

Decide who is going to come to your Mario birthday party and where your amazing Super Mario Brothers party is going to be and other details like what time. Send out the invitations with this information.

Step 2

Decorate and get some Mario posters up too to make the Mario theme and make the room look a lot more Mario and Luigi and friends. Other Mario decorations are also available if you search online and as Mario is such a popular character there is a wide range. The decorations are what makes it feel like Mario so do this step well!

Step 3

Think up some really cool ideas for your party and what you are going to do, maybe play a couple of games of Mario. Followed by some fun party games like pin Mario's M on his hat with a fantastic Mario poster and a cool Mario cards game, obstacle course. Then maybe a Mario quiz of your very own! Followed by some delicious party food.

Step 4

Get some food in and decorate the table in a Mario style with Mario party plates, Mario napkins, Mario plastic cups for drinks and more. All these extras really add to the feel and remember you can keep things like plates for other parties if you want and posters and other decorations will always keep. For parties I personally always think pizza is a good option and you may also want to consider takeaways to save you have to cook for about 10 fussy people!

Step 5

You are nearly there and everyone will have had great fun at the party. But before they have gone home, thank them for coming and give them a Mario party favour box as well so they remember the party and feel happy. You can get a good Mario party box/bag at a great price at Amazon. Super Mario Bros. Party Favor Box

Step 6

A week or two later send out some thank you for coming letters (unless the presents from them were really terrible and cost a $1! Then stop being friends with them!) The bit in brackets is meant to be sarcastic but is also partly true! But anyway... say thanks for coming and if you want, send a letter.

Step 7

Congratulations, you have successfully hosted a fantastic Mario party if you use this article for guidance. I hope the party goes well or was great and hope you found this article about How to host a Mario party useful and also interesting. If you need some Mario Party Supplies check out the items from Amazon on the right.
These tips on How to Host a Mario Party should make sure you organise a great Super Mario Brother s party and have good fun on the day and everyone is happy and should not cost too much. Buy a few decorations and what not and have it around your house and you might spend as little as $50-$70 if you have the party round yours. You may get the cost back in presents! Have a great Mario party! Thanks for reading!

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