How to Host a Spa Party

How to Host a Spa Party

How to Host a Spa Party

If you haven't done it in a while, why not take some time to hang out with your girlfriends, relax, talk to catch up on all the newest news and be pampered for an evening with a spa party without worrying about the day to day problems.

Being the host of a spa party is much less expensive than going out to a spa and you can wear your own bathrobe, slippers and even invite some friends to spend the night to extend the relaxation.

Many people are working hard at their jobs, at home with families, second jobs, chores, errands and rarely take the time to take care of themselves.

Scheduling a spa party is easy, fun, reduces stress and helps to build friendships and relationships. It's easy to host a spa party and doesn't involve a lot of work – your friends will love it!
Use these tips to prepare your spa party soon.


Things You Will Need:

  • Essential oils, bubble bath
  • Facial cleanser, toner and moisturizer
  • Body moisturizers
  • Pillows
  • Relaxing music
  • Thermal jug of warm water
  • Anti aging eye creams
  • Sliced cucumber
  • Healthy snacks

Pick the Best Date and Location for a Spa Party
Choose a date that works for you and a few of your friends. Make sure that the calendar can be clear of any duties and children can be cared for by your husband, a relative or neighbor. Or invite the men that would enjoy of evening of pampering as well! Not all your friends will be able to make it so don't delay choosing a date based on having everyone there. You can always host a second spa party with those that can't make it. Decide if you'll use your living room, patio, deck, pool or other area.

Create an Invitation
Make a simple invitation with a pre-made card, postcard or using the computer to make your own quickly and easily. Invite friends to bring a basin to soak feet, their favorite towel, robe and slippers. Give them some notice of the spa party so they can make proper arrangements with sitters and any other obligations if necessary.

Gather Your Favorite Spa Products
Essential oils and bubble bath for soaking feet
Facial cleanser, toner and moisturizer
Anti aging eye creams and serums
Body moisturizers
Sliced cucumbers for soothing the eyes

Set up small areas of the room so that everyone can have a little space to have their pampering but, close enough so that the products can easily be shared. Scatter pillows around the room to be used as seats or for relaxing the head and neck.

Prepare Healthy Snacks
Choose a few healthy snacks like fresh fruits, cheese, crackers and fresh vegetables for munching so your guests can eat but, focus on the spa pampering mainly. Set up small stations of snacks near each area that the guests will be soaking feet and doing facials. You won't want to have to get up and neither will your friends!

Serve Water or Green or Black Antioxidant Hot Tea
Keep the home spa party relaxing and healthy by offering beverages that soothe without caffeine, alcohol or sugars such as green tea, black tea or water.

Play soft relaxing music to help keep your guests in the home spa state of mind. Keep the conversation on relaxation, ways to reduce stress and on continuing the home spa party idea monthly at a different location for the next time.

When guests arrive, have everyone put on their robe and slippers, play the relaxing and soft music, give everyone a cup of herbal tea and begin by soaking feet in a basin of warm water. Allow as much time as necessary for everyone to feel relaxed. Practice meditation with your friends.Add more warm water to basin if needed using a thermal jug of warm water nearby.

Towel dry the feet thoroughly and then have everyone apply any luxurious body lotions to the feet with a massaging technique.

Have everyone do their own facial or suggest pairing up to do each others using bowls of warm water and washcloth. Begin by having everyone apply cucumbers to eyes and rest the head back for a few moments to relax to the music. Complete all steps of cleanser, toner, moisturizer, eye cream and anti aging products for a truly relaxing full facial. Take enough time between each step so that the products have plenty of time to absorb and a heavy feeling won't be achieved, rather a calm and relaxing facial.

Ending the Spa Party
When everyone is fully relaxed, end the spa party evening by suggesting plans for the next gathering of friends. It could be held again at your home or another one of your friends if they want to take a turn being the host. Continuing home spa parties will help to build your friendships and relationships as well as to reduce stress and increase overall health and wellness of everyone.

Taking care of yourself and your friends with a spa party is fun, easy and invigorating. Do it soon and do it often!