While dinner parties are not exactly ‘all the rage’ like they used to be, they are still pretty relevant in today’s society. So how do you even go about hosting something like that these days? Are there still rules and guidelines that apply? Of course there are! Probably too many to cover in this short article but,  if you really only need to get through one simple dinner party, here are a few tips to help you and your guests survive.

Simple Cocktails. Instead of going all out with multiple drinks to ease everyone’s taste buds, have one or two simple drinks that all should enjoy. Make sure to have your drinks in easy to use pitchers for all to have access to. Your cocktails should resonate with whatever meal you’re serving. So if you’re having a shindig where roast is the main course, you don’t want to have Cosmo’s as your main drink.

Music sets the Mood. In any function, music will always set the mood. Again, you want your musical selection to match with the setting of your party. Music that is more instrumental than lyrical is always a great choice, no matter the type of party. Remember to keep it at a lower volume, too. You want your guests to be able to converse with each other without yelling over the music.

Keep it Familiar. Although you might have a knack for being a culinary magician, keeping your snacks and dinner courses simple is usually the best way to go. As interesting as it might be to attempt to make some boar crepes, some of your guests may not feel the same. Using simple meats like chicken is great because it’s not only versatile but it’s also more economical.
Simple Desserts. As fancy as they can look, there’s no need for your desserts to be so fancy looking it almost seems inedible. Try having a simple sponge cake with a fruit topping or maybe some vanilla ice cream over a warm brownie is more your style. Not only does it look aesthetically pleasing, it’s simple enough for your guests to fall in love with.

Host Focus. As the host your focus should always be on your guests, their comfort and entertainment. Always make yourself appear approachable and make sure anything they may need is available. And always leave the clean up until after your guests have left. Cleaning while they are still enjoying their evening may make them feel as though you are ready for everyone to take leave. Don’t make your guests feel uncomfortable.

Now that we’ve run through the basics of hosting a simply decent dinner party, start planning and have a fun filled adult evening.

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