Getting a new puppy can be a lot of fun. It can help complete your family and bring you joy. The only thing is that a new puppy is a lot of work. Unfortunately some people will either train thier dog incorrectly and become frustrated things are not going correctly, or some will not bother at all or just give up on the puppy. This is part of the reason there are so many dogs without homes that live in shelters. Before you get a new puppy, you must do your research on the breed and how to train them so they are as well behaved as a dog can be. First, you must start with teaching them to go outside anytime they need to go to the bathroom. There is nothing worse than having a dog that feels it is okay to make messes in the house.

Things You Will Need

1. Patience

2. Knowledge

3. Kennel

4. Garden hose outside

5. An outside place to give your dog the time they need to go

Step 1

First you will need to get a kennel. This is an imperative part of the training process. This established a "room" for the puppy. It is up to you if you want to put newspapers in it or if you want to put in old towels or clothes for a more comfortable bed. Just remember that while training, you may be throwing out a lot of those old towels and clothes before it is over. This room will be used for bedtime and for going in while you leave the house, or for when you are establishing the rules with your dog. As a rule, once they decide that small place is just for them, they will not want to make a mess in it. However, this is not true for every dog. Some dogs don't seem to care if they sleep in it. Eww.

Step 2

You must establish a schedule with the puppy. It seems like a lot of work, but when you must invest time as well as structure when training your puppy. This does not happen over night, but if you do it right then the schedule can go out the window in the end. This is really only needed while training. This will give the dog a sense of time and they will eventually figure out that they don't need to go in the house because soon you will be letting them out. Don't underestimate your dog. They are very smart.

Step 3

When the puppy is little, observe them. They will have tell-tale signs of having to go outside. They will either cry first thing in the morning while in their kennel or they will circle and start sniffing a spot on the floor. This will vary from dog to dog so you will have to figure out what your dog is like. Then you can go from there. Once you know what your dog does right before making a mess, then you can quickly pick them up and take them outside.

Step 4

Once outside, it may take a long time for them to go. That is alright. Don't pet them while you are out there. Remember, you are training. The only time they will get praise and attention is after they have done what you wanted them to do. Then you are free to pet and hug and praise them for doing a good job. Your puppy craves your attention and praise and will associate getting that from using the bathroom outside.

Step 5

If a mess is made in the house, do not clean it up in front of the dog. It sounds weird, but this will give them a signal that it is okay for the mess to be there because you cleaned it. Take them outside, or place them in the kennel and then you are free to clean it up.

Step 6

When you begin your routine every morning, stick to it. Let them out early, definitely before 8 in the morning and then every couple of hours. Because your dog should also be on a feeding schedule, you will begin to figure out often they will need to go.

Step 7

If your dog makes a mess in the house, let them know you are upset. You do not need to hit them. They can tell by the tone of your voice you made. Make sure they are then immediately placed outside. When they come in, place them in their kennel. Do not talk to them. They are in a sort of "time out". Let the dog out after about 15 minutes. Then you can pet and be nice. It is so important to know that every dog is trainable. Even if you find yourself sitting outside with your dog for an hour each time they go out, remember it is only temporary. One day, they will go out and immediately do their business. The best part is that it is outside and not in your house. Remember, a dog is a part of your family. They are like a child and they need lots of attention and structure, not to mention love.

Tips & Warnings

Some dogs can be trained to ring a little bell by the door you usually let them out of. I have never done this with my puppies, but I do know people who have and were happy that it worked. I don't know if it makes a difference on the breed, but I do know that both of the people I spoke to had small dogs.

Don't forget that if your dog does make a mess in your kennel, take it outside and hose it down. I remember having to do this almost every morning for the first couple weeks. It was very annoying. Luckily it was summer time. If you don't have a hose outside, or it is winter time, you can use your shower or bathtub. Keeping your dogs kennel clean is a necessity. They can get so many different diseases from their own feces.