If you are wondering how to hunt deer with a recurve bow, then this is the place to be. Hunting with a recurve bow can be a challengeing endeavor. But if done right, it can be a rewarding one. Really there is very little difference between hunting with a recurve and hunting with a compound. But lets explore some of the differences and hopefully in doing so you will find learn a few tips that will help you with your recurve bow.

First of all, accuracy is an issue. Or it isn't an issue if you've practiced regularly. What ever the case, from here on out, I'm going to assume a maximum shooting distance of 15 yards. At 15 yards most guys with small to moderate practice can keep 90% of their arrows inside of a paper plate. If you can do that consistantly, then you are on your way to becomeing a recurve bowhunter. With greater practice you can easily extend your range to 2o, 30, even 40 yards. But for now lets stick with 15 and work on getting close. That's the fun of hunting with a bow anyhow.

When hunting with a recurve, getting close is the name of the game. The closer you can get the better off you are. My first recurve taken deer was shot at 7 steps! Over the years, average distance has been around 15 yards which is why I chose that distance.

So what this recurve hunting boils down to is picking a spot along a game trail that puts you inside of your effective shooting range. If it is 15 yards as suggested earlier, then shoot for being 10 yards off the game trail!

At this distance you are up close and personal and so your camouflage must be supreme. The wind must be perfectly in your favor. And the game animal must not detect any movement when you make your shot. You must shoot from cover!

So the key to hunting with a recurve is getting close! Carefully select your ambush sites and be sure of the wind, and you will enjoy success with the recurve.