How to Hypnotize Someone

Hypnosis is very real, but it takes practice and a suggestible partner to work effectively. While the old movie version of hypnotism with a stopwatch or a swirling vortex is outdated and incorrect, the power of hypnotism is not. It can be used to influence others, and self-hypnosis is used frequently to change unwanted behaviors like smoking or overeating.

Myths Regarding How to Hypnotize Someone

Hypnotized people are not actually sleeping. They are still awake, but their subconscious mind is more aware and has stepped to the forefront where it's accessible. While it may look like the person is sleeping, it resembles a trance where other distractions are simple to ignore. This ability to ignore others during hypnosis is the reason it looks like the person is asleep.

People under hypnosis are not robots. They won't follow all your whims and outrageous commands. They are not mindless robots who have been programmed with the flick of a switch, but they are more easily directed with the right suggestions. 

Relaxed Setting to Hypnotize Someone

The person must be comfortable and relaxed. It's possible to hypnotize someone when he or she is distracted, if you're experienced enough, but it's simpler when they are in a comfortable setting where they can close their eyes while letting your words and images wash over them. It also helps to have them in non-restrictive clothing, too.

Images to Hypnotize Someone

When using hypnosis, it's important to have a script detailing how the session should progress. Carefully choosing the right image is paramount to success. This should happen long before the session. Many hypnotists use water as part of their induction process. Have the subject imagine water lapping over them gently and washing away stress is a powerful image. Some hypnotists have the subject walk up or down stairs. Each level represents a deeper level of trance.

Correct Word Choice to Hypnotize Someone 

The use of negative words is a mistake. Instead of saying, "You can't move your arms" change the choice of words to something more positive like "Your arms are very heavy." The negative meaning to words like "can't" or "won't" can ruin the flow of a session. Nothing must jar the person out of the moment. The power of hypnosis is in word choice and relaxation techniques to induce the subject into a waking trance state.