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Although many homes have at least one variety of it, mold isn't a characteristic of a healthy home to live in. That's why it's important for you to be able to know how to identify it. Among the most notorious and toxic varieties of is "Strachybotrys atra", more generally referred to as "black mold". This slimy, greenish-black fungus can cause serious, and occasionally deadly, health risks.

Black mold is recognized to be a major cause of sicknesses like bronchitis and bronchial asthma, and has also been accountable for numerous infant deaths due to respiratory hemorrhaging. It likes to live to in water-damaged buildings where fungal development is present and the inside air quality is inferior.

>>>> Mold Prevention...Once You've learned how to identify mold. The next step is mold prevention. Mold can be prevented from forming and growing if the suitable steps are taken. The 1st step is getting control of your home's humidity. You should also have adequate ventilation in the house, particularly in the kitchen and bathroom(s).

Always make a habit of turning on your bathroom fan when showering and using your stove range hood when cooking. It can as well be prevented by applying mold-killing products. Lastly, carpeting should not be used in any bathroom as it prefers damp areas to grow and carpet is hard to keep dry in bathing areas.

>>>> Mold Removal...As well as knowing how to identify mold and prevent it, removal of it is the next step. Prior to removing the toxic mold, the root cause needs to be determined and dealt with or the problem will persist. The area should be disinfected with an bleach water solution unless the problem is more absorbed and cannot be cleaned, such as carpeting.

If this is the case, the contaminated caret must be replaced. Never try to scrape black mold and make certain you wear an approved respiratory mask, and protective clothing to cover exposed skin and  safety glasses to protect your eyes.

>>>> Mold Cleanup...One tip that will help you is to only clean one affected area at once, begin by  sealing off the affected room. Next, dampen the affected area with water. By keeping the area wet it is less likely to produce airborne spores during cleaning.

Clean the moist affected area first and then the other dry areas with a disinfectant such as a bleach and water solution, and then totally dry everything. Don't reuse anything that have been visibly destroyed, bag it and throw it away. This is a vital step for Killing Basement Mold.

Mold test kitCredit:>>>> Mold Symptoms...
Knowing the symptoms will be helpful for knowing how to identify mold. Those symptoms of black mold are like the ones you get with the common cold and flu. They could include, coughing, sneezing, a sore throat, itchy or scratchy eyes, hives, skin rash, sluggishness, and natural depression. If your having these symptoms you may have come into contact with toxic black mold, a doctor should be consulted right away as serious health issues can often take place with regular exposure to toxic mold.

Black fungus can cause a lot of awful health issues for those who have been submitted for long periods of time. Some issues to watch for are...Chronic sinus infections, complications with asthma, cancer, stillbirth in pregnant women, regular nosebleeds, open sores, spleen pain, fevers, and a lot of muscle pain. If you seem to be always suffering with these effects you should visit your doctor and then get help in identifying it in your home. Even if the symptoms are cared for, they will keep coming back unless the  problem is removed.