If you are a regular seasoned traveller then you will be well aware of the importance of having your luggage suitably labelled. After many hours sitting on an airplane then having to wait for your bags at an airport baggage carousel, you will want to be able to quickly identify your bags after you arrive at your destination.

With the mass production of some bags by luggage manufacturers there can be a lot of the same coloured bags left for passengers to sort through. In some cases a bag can accidentally be picked up by another passenger and taken without the owner's knowledge simply because many of the bags were the same black colour and size.

You can avoid this problem happening by ensure your luggage is able to be effectively identified. Whether travelling by land, sea or air one or more of the following simple techniques and methods can be employed to help find your luggage when you reach your destination.

1. Having luggage that is black or even a charcoal colour will put you in a situation where your bag will be identical to a high percentage of other similar coloured bags. Consider replacing it with coloured luggage such as blue or red. You will find a coloured bag (other than black) will stand out a lot easier amongst a pile of bags left for passengers to pick up.

2. Buy a brightly coloured plastic name tag that is especially designed for fixing to luggage and allow you to include your name and contact phone number on an insert. Most luggage stores sell this type of product and they are suitable for any type of bag. For example there are some trendy coloured tags such as bright yellow and hot pinks available that are ideal for identifying luggage on airport carousels.

3. Find a small length of distinctive coloured plastic or fabric and tie it securely around the handle of your bag. This method of identification is commonly used by other passengers but you will rarely find someone else who has exactly the same colour or type of material you have used on your bag.

4. Paint a large symbol, number or letter (that means something to you) on the bottom of your bag. This can also be very effective, however there is a drawback if your bag is placed upright and not on its side. This method of identification is best used in conjunction with a coloured name tag that has been attached to the luggage handle.