There are a million and one ways to sustain an eco friendly home, but with the incredible amount of information flying at us from all different directions it can be difficult to pin them down. When it comes to redesigning or redecorating your space, however, there are some basic guidelines you can follow to make your house eco friendly.

Easily Create Green Home Decor by Reusing What You Have.

Rather than buying all new furnishings or decorative pieces, try and use what you have first. This will keep more junk out of landfills, and will be overall less costly for you in the long run! If you would like to put more life into a space and are unsatisfied using what you have, try to figure out ways to reinvent a particular piece. Remember that a coat of paint or reupholstering a piece of furniture can go a really long way. Changing out the hardware on your kitchen cabinets can really wake the space up, or even just cleaning your light fixtures can have amazing results!

Find Used Pieces for Amazing Eco Friendly Decor.

As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another’s treasure—so scour those thrift stores! There is a plethora of quality used furniture lurking in second hand stores, garage and yard sales, or on Craigslist and other websites. Some may be in perfect condition and exactly what you’re looking for. Others may need a little bit of DIY love. Regardless, that furniture will be saved from the landfills and given another shot at being the centerpiece of a person’s home—and to boot, it will save you money!

Buy Recycled and Keep An Eco Friendly House.

There are so many companies out there that produce home goods that are made from recycled materials. Everything from terrazzo countertops fashioned from broken old toilets to carpet made from recycled two-liter bottles. The internet holds a wealth of information, and finding these great products is at your fingertips. When looking for fantastic products to stock your home with, don’t forget to search fair trade goods, organic home furnishings, and pieces made by local artists!

Going Local for Your Decorations Is Eco Friendly.

Reducing your carbon footprint is easily accomplished when you buy local. We often forget that shipping distance has an incredible amount of influence on how many harmful chemicals get released into the air. This doesn’t so much apply to how close the store is to your house, but how far away the building materials are from the place that manufactured them (though proximity to your house is great as well). It is also a wonderful opportunity to support your local artists and boost local economy.

Have fun and good luck with your green home décor endeavors!