Importing products from China has gained popularity with entrepreneurs all over the world. Low wages and cheap raw material helps cut down on costs to produce a wide gamut of products. This means buying by bulk in China spells huge discounts for entrepreneurs all over the world.

Ask yourself this:

“Are you tired of being an employee?”

“Have you ever considered going into business?”

If both answers are yes then this should be pretty simple. Importing may sound complex but with just a few steps, you’ll find your way around this type of business in no time. Let me teach you everything you need to know about importing products from China.

Step One: Choose Your Product Wisely

You need to know what you want to bring in to your country first. It’s best to find a product you are passionate about. Selling something you're passionate about is a good thing. People can tell if you just want to make a quick buck or if you are truly concerned about serving them their wants or needs. 

Step Two: Partner Up with Someone Dependable

Once you’ve made up your mind on what you want to import, the next logical step is finding a supplier. The internet is one of the best tools to get the information you need. Beware of scammers, though. Make sure you safeguard your investment. Make a few comparisons with the companies you choose to partner up with. Check out their prices, shipping details and try to contact previous clients and ask about the quality of the products they got. Try to ask for samples of the products as well. This is for you to assess the quality. 

Step Three: Study about Importation Rules and Regulations

Don't order yet. Brace yourself. You still need to educate yourself about the rules and regulations involved in importing. There are many governing bodies involved in this. As an importer, you need to know this. Make sure that the products qualify and adhere to all the national regulatory requirements. Prevent confiscation by making sure you have the necessary documents needed. And one more thing, it’s a good idea to hire a customs broker to help you out. 

Step Four: Now for Your Order

And now you can start ordering your products. Everything should be written down on your purchase order from product description to quantity. I also recommend that you hire an inspections company to check if the products meet the qualifications you have set for the supplier. This is one way to avoid complications with your order or getting substandard items.

Step Five: Document Everything and Start Selling

Make sure you keep a record of everything before you sell and you're good to go. Make sure to advertise your products. Another thing to take note of when  you import products from China is to ensure that the process is not interrupted, as soon as everything's sold, order a fresh batch and do it all over again.

Bye for now!