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How to Impress a Woman

All of us men have tried to impress a woman before, whether someone we liked or an attractive stranger. Unfortunately not everything always goes to plan and she often winds up being quite unimpressed. Imagine how it would feel to be able to impress every woman you meet without even trying. Well, luckily, it is possible to change your behaviour and make this happen.

Here are a few steps you can take to impress any woman and become the sort of man all women chase after. Obviously you will get the best results by following all of these steps, but each one will have a positive effect on its own. Don't worry, they are all very easy to implement and don't require too much effort.

1. Don't try to impress her

This might seem counterintuitive, but if you were to only follow one piece of advice in this article it would be this: don't actively try to impress a woman. If you try to impress a woman she will sense it subconsciously. This communicates desperation and shows are seeking her approval or validation. This in turn will make you of low value in her eyes, and I shouldn't even have to explain that someone of low value is certainly not impressive. If, on the other hand, you act like you couldn't care less about getting her approval, subconsciously she will perceive you as being of high value. It might seem strange, but an easy way to impress a woman is to not try to impress her at all.

2. Express your true opinions

A common mistake lots of men make is agreeing with everything a woman says. We have all done this before. eg, Woman: "I love this song", You: "Yeah, me too". There is nothing wrong with agreeing with something she says if you actually do agree with her, but the important thing is to be honest. If you don't like something she does, say so. If you disagree with something she believes, say so. Don't fall into the trap of thinking you need to have everything in common with a woman in order to impress her.

Women are looking for men who are leaders, and expressing your opinion is one way to demonstrate that you are a leader and not a follower. Also, women want to know that a man will be honest with her and not just tell her what she wants to hear. So forget about agreeing with her and just say what comes to your mind.

3. Social Proof

It doesn't matter what do, if a woman perceives you as a loner with no friends she won't be impressed one bit. Imagine 2 scenarios. In the first scenario you are in a bar by yourself and you approach a woman and introduce yourself. The second scenario, now imagine you are in a bar with two attractive female friends and you approach the same woman. In which scenario will she be more impressed by you? Obviously the second one because she has already seen you with other females. This is known as social proof. This reason this works is because the woman you approach will percieve you as being of high value simply because you are with other people.

'What if I don't have any attractive female friends?' is what you might be thinking right now. Well the best part is you could be out alone and still take advantage of social proof. Let's use the example of being in a bar. All you would have to do is talk to some women or groups of people and make sure your target girl sees you talking to them. You could talk to them about anything, get their opinion on something, ask them for directions to somewhere, the point is just to look like you know them to some extent. This is just as effective as being out with friends because your target will assume you already know these people.

4. Learn a new skill

This has two important benefits; the skill itself and the self confidence it will give you. Firstly, not all skills are equal in impressiveness. Here are a few that are sure to impress any woman.

  • Learn to cook
  • Learn a foreign language
  • Learn how to dance
  • Learn an instrument
  • Learn how to fix a car

While each of these takes a fair amount of time and effort to learn, remember that the main reason for learning a new skill should be the benefits it gives you. Being impressive to women is an added bonus. In addition being good at something demonstrates that your are motivated, talented and passionate about certain things. These qualities in themselves will also impress her.

As I mentioned before, learning a new skill has another benefit, boosting your self confidence. I won't even bother explaining this as you should all know the good feeling you have about yourself when you master a new skill. If you don't, get out there and start doing something. Maintaining high self confidence is important because it can be very hard to try and meet women without it. And there is no point trying to impress women if you can't even meet them in the first place.

5. Don't put others down

Putting others down behind their backs or in any way being negative towards others isn't going to impress anyone, let alone the women you are after. If you have to put others down in order to make yourself seem better, you need to take a good look at yourself. High quality people do not see others as threats and instead try to uplift others around them. Women will notice how you treat other people, whether your friends, relatives or even strangers. This alone can have a large influence on how a woman perceives you. If you are a truly positive person and never say a bad thing about others, she WILL notice and she WILL be impressed.


To sum it up in one sentence, if you want to impress a woman, don't try too hard, be yourself, develop your abilities and try to be a positive person. I hope I've been of some help to you. Just remember, it's really not that hard.

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