Communication skills are very important in every aspect of life. From your job to a relationship without at least a basic understanding of how to communicate with others you will be in big trouble when it comes to getting an idea across or telling someone else your feelings.


Elements of Communication

There are a few different elements to communication that are all present when you get your idea across. The first one is your motive. Your motive can be also known as your intention. Was it your intention to hurt that persons feelings? People often can understand your intention or sometimes misinterpret your intentions.


The second is the non-linguistic expressions. These are your tones, such as if you are yelling or if it sounds like you have cried. Did you know that a majority of people can tell if someone is smiling over the phone? It is true, a simple smile can somehow be heard probably because unknowingly you are happier in your tone. This is why you need your non-linguistic expressions to match what you are trying to say if you want to improve your communication skills.


The third is your physical expressions. If you are on the edge of your seat listening to someone is shows you are really paying attention right? If you are yawning while leaning back in your chair it shows that you probably couldn't care less, right? These are forms of physical expressions that go anywhere from where your eyes are looking to your facial expression. This is quite possibly one of the most important expressions when it comes to how you can improve your communication skills. This is one where a lot of people fail at. They say that they care and they are listening, but their body shows different. I know that sometimes you really won't care about someones problems but if you can make your body fake it and still listen, they will think you did all along and show you are a good person in their eyes.


Finally the last expression is your linguistic expression. This is basically what something is taken to be implied. This is kind of like the collective of all the other expressions rolled into one. Have you ever heard someone say after being complimented poorly. “Uhh, well thanks I guess?” That is because everything was in place and the linguistic expression showed that it was meant as a compliment but the person was taken back because if it was written down on paper it would have been an insult. This is the power of having good communication skills.


Avoid Communication Blocking

Sometimes you will run into those people who you cannot converse with and you will wonder why and think it is your fault. This is not entirely true as there are what are known as communication blockers. These are phrases or attitudes which will stop a civil conversation in their tracks. You will learn how to spot them when you deal with people more and more but I will name a few for you; Overreacting with shouting or crying, bringing up the past, shifting blame to you or other people, the other person has a clear desire to win the argument and not find a solution to your problem. Those are just a few in a whole plethora of ways people avoid any sort of conversation hopefully you can spot them and not waste your time with them as they are very poor at communicating properly anyways.