What is the number one thing that makes other people a joy to be around and attractive to other people? It is confidence, not overly confident but just enough that you know you can trust them. Why is this so rare in people though? This is because we condition our-self to not fail since a young age. You probably don't remember the first time you failed at something, but your mind secretly does and has conditioned you to avoid that ever since. This conditioning is what you need to break, and with a little help you can!


Immediately Take Action

Don't fear doing something, anything. This is the number one thing that your mind conditions you to believe is that if you think you can't do it or even know you can't do it that it's not worth doing. You will be a much more appealing person if you simply try it with a head full of confidence that you will succeed. You will be someone that everyone wants to follow and be like.


Have a Positive Personality... Even When It Ain't Easy

Having an optimistic attitude is easy when things are going well, it is those people who still see the silver lining that really attract people and exude confidence. The next time something seems to be bleak, even something as simple and everyone complaining that you won't get off work on time. All you have to do is perk everyone up with a, “No we can do it, just keep at it.” This is a situation in which everyone else is slowing down and getting depressed about the situation but you keep your chin up and balance the situation out.


Congratulations you just improved your confidence in a situation. Really if you think about it in the above example that bit of confidence helped in every way possible. Even if everyone didn't get off work on time that bit was all it took to cut how much later they had to stay and perk everyone up a bit.


Get Healthier

It is easier to be optimistic and full of confidence when you feel good isn't it? That is why getting healthier and being full of energy will help you be more confident in a lot more situations. Lots of people hate to hear it in all their problems the solution seems to be to just get healthier. The fact is though that health plays a big role in a lot of our problems so by getting healthier you can reduce tons of other problems thus increasing your confidence further. Not only that but someone who actually succeeds in either loosing weight or getting back into shape will be full of confidence in their self and what they have accomplished.


Stop Talking Negatively

You would probably be surprised how speaking negatively about other people and yourself can really make your entire life negative. Negativity is a slippery slope where you can get caught up in a cycle of loathing and self pity. This is the polar opposite of self confidence, that is why you need to see the positive side of every situation and not let yourself speak so negatively all the time.