Research shows that employee morale is directly linked to productivity - the more happy and satisfied employees are, the more productivity will increase. Yet, during this extremely tough economy, with layoffs soaring and companies going bankrupt, keeping employee morale up is more important than ever. So what are some ways you can keep your employees satisfied that aren't necessarily monetary?

Things You Will Need

Be creative when it comes to offering employees incentives that are not monetary. The more sincere and genuine you are in providing such offerings, the happier employees will be.

Step 1

Managers and executive employees often underestimate the power and effectiveness of kind words. Even worse, many only interact when employees when there are problems or issues to be resolved. People thrive on feeling appreciated, so just simple compliments and words of appreciation can work wonders.

Step 2

Offer reward incentives other than actual money. A job well done could be rewarded with gift cards, extra paid time-off, free lunch, or prizes such as a digital camera or iPod. Announce contests in the office and give employees a goal to work towards. Enthusiasm is contagious and as more employees get involved, the more productive and confident employees will be

Step 3

Provide routine employee perks such as casual Fridays, lunch once a week, a work-sponsored softball team, or office picnics for employees and their families. Offering such benefits (even those seemingly minor) can foster allegiance and friendships among employees.

Step 4

Revise the mission statement to include all departments and employees. Doing so will ensure everyone feels as though they are an integral part of the company's future and success.

Step 5

Implement a comprehensive enterprise feedback management system and routinely have employees complete surveys regarding their work, the company, what they like, what they are unhappy with, etc. When it comes to sensitive subjects (i.e. management reviews, sexual harassment, etc.), consider having surveys completed anonymously - employees will be far more honest and candid if they are able to keep anonymity.

Step 6

Make the office a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere. Add some greenery with fresh plants, artwork on the walls, and a furnished break room where employees can take breaks and relax.

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