If you have or think you are close to needing corrective lenses then you want to get started improving your eyesight as soon as possible. The reason for this is that corrective lenses only make your eyes lazier so they don't have to work as hard then they just continue to get worse and worse and you need thicker and thicker glasses. Some people won't need but the same pair of glasses their whole life but it has been proven that glasses are worse for you in general than they help.


Do not take that as meaning that if you are required by law to drive with glasses it is OK to drive without them! It is for your safety, you can still do these exercises to improve your eyesight while wearing glasses. Only if it is possible should you remove your glasses for a few days and see if these exercises seem like they are doing anything for you. Some people will notice improvement quick, while others it will take a bit longer. The most important thing is to be consistent and if any complications arise to visit your doctor.


Sun Bathe

It is really relaxing and good for your eyes to get some of the suns rays. Of course it is also really bad for your eyes to look directly at the sun. This is why you should pull up a nice lawn chair in the morning or afternoon and point your face right at the sun while keeping your eyes closed. This will let your eyes absorb some of the suns rays without damaging them. Do this for around 10-15 minutes. Just long enough to get the vitamins from the suns rays and not enough to do any more damage.


Eye Rolls

What you want to do for this is to roll your eyes in clockwise then counter-clockwise directions. You want to blink between each rotation and repeat three times and work your way up to five. This will help to increase the muscles around your eyes while also giving you a chance to focus on a wide array of angles.


Palm to Eyes

Sit nice and comfortably. Then rub your hands together until they are nice and warm. Tightly cup your hands and cover your eyes gently with them. Keep your eyes closed and do not apply any pressure. Simply relax and breathe nice and slowly. This is a nice relaxing technique that will give your eyes a bit of a rest during those off periods in the day. You know when you are ready to face palm and then vigorously rub your eyes? Don't that's a bad habit unlike this one.


Shocked Eyes

Squeeze your eyes shut for about five seconds. Then suddenly open them up as wide as you can for about three to five seconds. Do this anywhere from five to ten times. After you are done then you should gently close your eyes and then very gently massage your eyes in a circular motion. Just remember not to press too hard, you don't want to hurt yourself or your eyes. These will force your eyes to adjust themselves to low light back to high light fast. When you close your eyes tightly like that for a few seconds your eyes become adjusted then opening them so fast make them need to shrink due to the light.