How Memory Deteriorates

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If your brain is healthy and full of vitality you will be able to have a good memory. We all have good memories when we are students because we are constantly learning stuff and then suddenly other things become important and we may feel that our memory simply isn’t what it used to be. Memory can deteriorate in this way to amount to various consequences.

Who Needs Brain Power?

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People who are sharp in workplaces or even in schools, colleges and universities, will always have a better memory than most other people in general. They will also have more brain power that keeps them alert and active. They are able to withstand the troubles life throws at them and they are able to assist in problem solving because their minds are their powerful tools.

Enhance Memory – Enhance Brain Power


Studies show that when a person begins to learn something new in their adult age, their brain power improves and the person feels themselves as being more confident and alert than usual. This is because the brain is constantly being challenged and made to work towards memorizing and studying. So basically when you enhance your memory you also enhance brain power.

How to Improve Memory

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You can improve memory and you can enhance your brain power if you keep a few things in mind. Here is what you need to do in order to keep your brain performing at its optimum which in turn will help you memorize better.

  • The Brain Workout: Some brain exercise will help you improve memory and enhance brain power. Anything that makes your brain perform a new task can give you a brain workout. It can anything like learning to paint, getting a new hobby, reading a new book and learning new words.
  • Brain Boosting Foods: Yes its true – brain power and memory can improve if you include these foods in your daily diet: Omega 3s, Omega 6s, grape juice in moderation, red wine in moderation and antioxidants from vegetables and fruits. Also keep saturated fat to a minimum.
  • Eliminate Stress: Eliminate stress and depression from your life by going out with friends or trying out new things. You can also take up activities that lower stress levels like yoga and meditation.
  • Exercise: What is good for your body is good for your brain. Exercise helps release hormones that are good for enhancing brain power and it also allows you to feel better and reduce stress.
  • Sleep: Never be sleep deprived. Optimum amount of sleep is very important in order to keep your brain performing better. 


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Brain Power and Memory can be improved by following a few simple techniques. A lot of people think that once your memory goes down, it can never get better. But that is really not the case. Studies show that not only is the human brain programmed to improve memory at all different stages of life but the efforts to improve memory can also help a person reactivate their brain power and this in turn keeps you from becoming senile for as long as possible.