Ever wondered how some people can read at blazing fast speeds? You too can improve your reading speed. It will take some practice and work on your part, but even with just a little effort you can really increase your speed.


Benefits of Reading Fast

If you can read fast you will enjoy books a lot more. On top of that you will waste less time if your job involves reading. Almost every single aspect of our lives involves reading in some way, so being better at it will make our lives more enjoyable.


What Not To Do

There are a few mistakes that people were not taught in school which can seriously help your reading speeds. These are not quite mistakes as they are just horribly inefficient and make you read a lot slower when you add them all up.


Re-reading lines is the first and probably the biggest time waster. You get worried that you missed something and head back a line or two and start reading again. This is a bad habit to get into because you are not confident in your reading abilities. You need to boost your reading confidence and read everything just one time and never look back.


Reading a single word at a time is probably the second most major problem people have. Not every single word is vital to a story, there are some words that just fill up space and create story flow. That doesn't mean that they were meant to be digested quite that way most people do. This is a trick that also takes a little getting used to. You should try reading a few pages in this way then re-reading it word by word. You will probably notice that while it takes you longer, you still visualized the exact same thing so nothing changed the story.


If you stop moving your eyes you can also improve your reading speeds. What do I mean by this? I mean that you move your eyes left to right when reading. You can see an entire page without looking left to right in most books you just need to get used to not moving your eyes yet reading. This one takes a little getting used to, however it will drastically improve your speeds if you can get used to it.


You should also stop sounding out your words as you read them. This is known as Sub-vocalization. Your brain can read and comprehend words faster than your lips can say them. So if you eliminate your lips from the equation, then you are increasing your speed already!


Take Your Time

Learn to remove each of these habits one by one and you are sure to get a grasp on them. Don't give yourself too much to learn at once because you can become frustrated and just want to give up, which we want to avoid. Reading is a joy and reading faster is an even larger joy. Stick with it and I know you can do it.