How to Improve Sales on Ebay by Providing Great Customer Service

Every day millions of potential buyers go to Ebay in search of great deals.  For many people who are interested in a creating an online business, this influx of motivated buyers is a great opportunit to make some extra cash.

But how do you stand out from the thousands of other sellers on Ebay?  The answer is simple:  Provide great customer Service!

Providing great customer service is what separates the good sellers from the great sellers.  It's what keeps your customers happy and excited to come back for more.  Many sellers on Ebay erroneously believe that selling on an online marketplace such as Ebay makes it unnecessary to provide that personal touch that usually occurs during face-to-face interaction.

Regardless of the fact that you are selling online, you need to provide great customer service if you want to thrive on Ebay.  Here are some easy customer service tips that you can use to take you Ebay business to the next level.

Provide Quality Pictures

Because potential buyers are not capable of physically examining the item you're selling, many of them may be reluctant to purchase your item. 

One of the ways to reduce anxiety is to take plenty of great pictures.  Be sure to take pictures that potential buyers will get excited about.  Provide as many pictures, from as many different angles as you possibly can and make it a point to showcase the great qualities of the item you're selling.

Providing quality pictures will not only increase the excite surrounding your auction, but they will also demonstrate to potential buyers that you're a trustworthy seller and that you have complete confidence in the quality of your item.

Answer Questions Promptly

Questions from buyers are a great sign that there's interest in your auctions, so answer them quickly!  If possibly, purchase the Ebay app on your iPhone or smartphone so that you always have access to your Ebay account.

You should answer the question as thoroughly as possible and don't forget to thank them for their interest in your auction.  Also, make it a point to remind them that you are always available to answer more questions should they arise.

Provide Constant Updates

Many Ebay sellers believe that their job is done once the sale is finalized and the buyer's payments have been received.  This is a common mistake that sellers make and it's one that keeps them from being a great seller. You should be communicating and updating your buyers through the entire selling process-from the beginning of the auction all the way to the end when they receive their package.

Here are some examples of ways to provide buyers with constant updates:  Once the auction ends, you can congratulate them on winning the auction and send them the invoice for their purchase at the same time.  Once you receive the payment, thank them for their business, inform them as to when their package will delivered and follow through on your promise.  After delivering the item, provide them with a tracking number so they can follow their package and offer again to answer any questions they may have.

There are plenty of ways to provide excellent customer service on Ebay.  Make it a point to ask yourself, "How can I go that extra mile for this customer?"  Not only will you be rewarded with happy customers, but you will also see an increase in your sales!