Have you ever tried counting exactly how many expectations do you, or the people around you, demand from you? Speak well, look good, earn lots of money, keep earning, be aware of the happenings around you, get married, raise a family, act responsible, and the list just keeps going on and on. No wonder there are many who cannot handle all this pressure and start suffering from serious lack of self esteem, they start lacking the confidence of taking on the world on their whim. Following are a few ways to help you develop a better self esteem but remember, this is not an overnight magical formula. You have to make a conscious effort to change yourself and implement these points, and only then you will be able to gradually overcome this problem.

1). Avoid Comparing yourself to others - You Are Unique and that's enough

To gain confidence, you need to stop comparing yourself with the others. You are who you are! You cannot be your intelligent friend and your intelligent friends cannot be the happy-go-lucky like you, you cannot necessarily be as successful as your parents or sibling, and even worse, you cannot be like those celebrities that you see on silver screen! You are a unique individual with your own set of skills and attributes and no one can be like you, nor should you be willing to be second copy of someone else.

2). Stop Saying, "I m not good enough"

A negative and self sympathetic attitude will only go as far as attracting some pity from others and even that for a very short period. You don't really want pity, do you? You want respect and respect is earned by doing things, irrespective of the results. Just throw away all those, "I'm not good enough" thoughts, think on the lines of "What do I have to do to be good enough?" and your heart will come up with some suggestions, the first one would most probably be "stop judging yourself on the basis of just one or two failures"

3). Identify Your Qualities

Don't overlook your strong points even if they don't seem to be of any use for the time being. You may not be intelligent or witty, but you may be hard-working and focused, and hard-work will outstrip intelligence 9 out of 10 times. You might not be one of those millionaires but a underprivileged man working hard to take care of his/her family is doing a far superior job than the rich ones, if you are one of them, you should applaud yourself even if nobody else seems to appreciate. Once you are able to identify the positives and strong points, the weak points will automatically start to fade out.

4). you cannot discover happiness – you need to invent it

Happiness is not something that you will find laying at some road; you need to invent it, there are no set rules, and everybody feels happy for different reasons, but there's one universal method of feeling happy, and that is to reach out and help others, trust me, the gratitude you will get as a result will be more than fulfilling.

5). Be Thankful For the Life You Have

You aren't going to get another life, at least not in this world! This is a one off experience, and definitely not worth wasting your entire life down in the dumps. Forget everything and start looking at the bad experiences as just an episode in this exhilarating experience known as life, treat each day and each experience with a smile on your face and try to find the element of adventure in everything you do.