Having a high self esteem is really a self feeding thing. With a high self esteem you will carry out a lot more of your personal goals and with accomplishments comes an improved self esteem. The problem is when your self esteem is low to begin with, it is hard to really feel a sense or worth. It isn't impossible though, with a few tips I am sure you too can see how to improve your self esteem and see how you are a valuable person.


Set Clear Goals

If your goals are not completely clear then there is nothing to say that you won't notice when you do achieve exactly what you wanted anyways. As an example for something that I did recently. I wanted to write over 100 informational articles such as these within a week. I put this down as me wanting to write 15 a day. While the math adds up my TRUE intention is 100 in a week. You see how if I would have missed a whole day I would have failed with the first goal, but the second and really the goal I wanted to achieve I can still complete it.


You should also push yourself, but still reach for something you can attain. You don't need to disappoint yourself nor pity yourself by setting shallow goals. Go for that middle road there.


Be Proactive

This is actually a talent almost every single successful person has a lot of proactive actions. This means that they take the initiative and are decisive about their actions. They also let people know exactly what they can do to help and aren't afraid to help and be helped by others. The most important in these, in my opinion, is letting others know how they can help you. People are more inclined to help when they know that you need this done and don't need to put forth that much effort on their part.


Develop Good Listening Skills

Nothing helps you have higher self esteem quite like being told good things about you. You shouldn't go fishing for compliments but by simply listening to people you will be liked considerably more. There aren't that many good listeners out there that people feel like they can talk to, if you are one of these people then you can make some good friends and feel a good sense of self worth.


Visualize Your Life

Look at all the changes you have made to yourself and those around you. Think of all the positive. Think of all the opportunity for positive results you could influence. These are your chances to really see your self worth as a person and improve your self esteem. This is your chance to see what you can bring to the table and tell yourself that you are actually going to do it.


This is usually something most people will tell you to do first, however I find it to be the hardest out of all the steps. This is because with a low self esteem it is hard to see your own self worth. If it wasn't then you wouldn't need to improve your self esteem in the first place, right? Well I believe after you get a little bit of self esteem from some of the above tips you can achieve this one, just by seeing what you have and can do.