Improving your car's sound system can be a bit costly, but the results that you get will be more than worth it. Unless you are familiar with the installation of car stereo components, you should not attempt to improve your car's sound system on your own. To improve your car's sound system, you will need to upgrade your speakers, install a tweeter and upgrade your receiver. You can purchase all of the components that you will need to improve your car's sound system at Best Buy and Circuit City. You can maximize your savings on car stereo components when you are shopping at those merchants by using promo codes.

1. Upgrade Your Speakers

Factory default car speakers are not known for being of high quality. Before you purchase any speakers for your car, you must first double check that the speakers fit your car. You want to purchase high quality speakers if you are looking to improve your car's sound system, so stick to well-known brands such as Pioneer, Alpine and Polk Audio. Generally speaking, the more wattage that the speakers you purchase have, the more powerful your audio will be. High quality car stereo speakers will generally have an RMS wattage of at least 100 watts.

2. Install a Tweeter

Unless you purchased a vehicle with an upgraded sound system, there is likely no tweeter currently installed in your car. A tweeter is an audio component that is attached to the speakers in your car. Tweeters are designed to refine the sound that comes out of your car speakers. If you like to listen to music that features high notes, a tweeter is a must because speakers do not handle high notes well. A good tweeter will have an RMS wattage that is at least 150 watts. Top brands of tweeters that you should consider purchasing include Kicker, Pioneer, Pyramid and Pyle Pro. Depending on the speakers that you purchase, it is possible that a tweeter may be included, so be sure to double check before you order one separately.

3. Upgrade Your Receiver

In most cases, the receiver that is installed in your car by the manufacturer is a cheap, low quality receiver. When you purchase a new receiver for your car, you need to decide if you want a receiver that is satellite radio ready, bluetooth ready and/or high definition radio ready. Many car receivers also come with a remote control. You should expect to pay at least $100 for a high quality receiver. Having a high quality car receiver is the key to improving your car's sound system, which means you should stick to well-known brands, such as Pioneer, Alpine, Sony and Kenwood. The receiver that you purchase will need to be able to handle the RMS wattage of your speakers and tweeter, so keep that in mind when you are making your purchase.