Although cleansing and toning your skin can help your complexion, good skin condition requires a supply of healthy blood. Toxic wastes also need to be filtered away for skin to be healthy. Skin problems like rough patches or blackheads can be helped by topical treatments, but are a sign the skin is under stress. Learn how to improve your complexion from the inside, as well as the outside, to keep your skin looking young and healthy.

Take steps to detox your body. This will help the blood and lymph to be cleared of toxins. Ideally, combine a detox diet with circulation boosting techniques. This will help rid your body of many toxins. You can boost your circulation generally by using dry skin brushing, lymphatic drainage, Epsom salt baths, herbal products, exercise, deep breathing and hydrotherapy (cold baths).

Ex-foliating your skin is essential if you want a good complexion. Ex-foliation gets rid of dead skin cells and surface toxins. Use a facial scrub product, or use fine salt mixed with a little olive oil, to ex-foliate your face and neck.

Take steps to increase the circulation in your face, especially, for a good complexion. The following routine can be carried out in just 3 minutes. It involves you gently hitting your face to stimulate the supply of blood to the skin's surface:

1. Place your hands, crossed, in front of your neck. Tap the opposite sides of your neck using the flat part of your fingers. Start at the base and work up the neck to the chin. Avoid tapping on your windpipe.

2. Hold your left hand 1 1/2 in beneath your chin with the back facing upward. Keeping the left hand in position, rapidly tap upward on the area underneath your chin using the back of the right hand. Use the left hand to stop your right hand each time it comes away from the chin.

3. Use the flat part of the fingers on both hands to firmly tap over the lower face. Start with light tapping over the mouth. Continue to tap, moving outward. Cover both cheeks and stop just in front of your ears. Use only very light movements if you are susceptible to thread veins.

4. With both hands, use the flat parts of the fingertips to firmly tap over your forehead. Loosely clench your hands and knock the head with relaxed movements. According to the sensitivity of the area, adjust the firmness of the knocking.

5. With the pads of the fingers, use deep circular movements to massage your scalp all over (hairline to crown). Cover your head thoroughly. Using alternate hands, comb your hair (hairline to crown). Use deep, long sliding movements.

Using face masks occasionally is another great way to give your complexion a lift. Choose a face mask appropriate to the needs of your skin.

Use these tips on how to improve your complexion along with a daily cleansing, toning and moisturizing regime appropriate to your skin type. The combination of internal and external care should give you a great complexion and help to keep you looking young.


Face Masks Can Help Your Complexion