Calls to Action

Having well placed and well-designed calls to action is one of the most important things you can do for your website.

These range from simple pieces of text such as ‘Call Us Now on 0800 123456’ to more complicated examples such as displaying a great video showing your product in action with a button at the end that links to a sign up page.

It is important to think about where you are going to use these calls to action. Think about how your visitor will read through the page and where the call to action will be most effective.

Ask a friend or two to read through the page once you’ve done this and ask them if they would have used the call to action or not. Ask them if they think it should have been placed in a different location.

Example of a Call to Action

Call to Action example

Split Information into Smaller Pages

If for example you have a very complex product or service that you’re trying to explain. It might need a huge amount of text, photos and videos to fully explain how it works.

If this is all put onto one single page it can often put people off and they might hit the back button to view a different website.

So try to show a brief summary of what your particular product or service offers then link to various subpages so the visitor can learn more if they wish to.

Bold Important Information

If you do require a large amount of text on a page then try bolding important key points.

Many people skim read so bolding your key points can help these people still understand the main thing you’re trying to get across.

But make sure you keep the bolding to a minimum as it might be seen as spamming otherwise.

Easy Navigation

Give your visitors an easy to use navigation which includes a simple menu but also can include well placed links to relevant pages within your content to other pages within your site.

This can help your visitors explore your site in a more easy fashion, ending up with the visitor being happier.


All these tips are very easy to do and I highly recommend you try at least the calls to action as they are usually effective.

Don’t be put off by how complex calls to actions seem. Try a simple action such as ‘Call Us on’ followed by your number at the bottom of your important product or service pages then wait a couple of weeks to a month to see if it has improved the number of people who call you.

If it doesn’t help then don’t stop there! Try either a different type of action or the same action in a different place and leave it for a couple of weeks to a month.

This may seem like a lot of work but if you can keep tweaking your pages it may improve the percentage of people who are converted from a nonpaying visitor into a paying customer. So if these tweaks improve that percentage by 10% then essentially that is 10% more customers you’re getting from the website.

Is it worth the work then?