Every blogger wants to write great content and improve the quality of their blog posts. But, before you can do that, you've must resolve yourself to obey one cardinal rule: quality content takes time and effort. Think you can abide? Great, let's get started...

The Workflow

All processess, when striving for efficiency, require a workflow of some sort. Use this step-by-step process of article writing to ensure your content is as good as it can be before you hit the publish button.
1. Generate an idea - Spend some time brainstorming your idea. It's best if you focus on things you're passionate about, because that's where you'll likely find the most ideas. Also, consider using mind mapping software to help generate more ideas.
2. Cursory research/familiarize yourself with the topic - Browse the internet for relevant information and create a document using OneNote or Evernote to house all of your research and any URLs you may need later.
3. Write the 1st draft - Once you have a better understanding of your topic, you must write your first draft. The trick here is to write it out with lightning speed, ignoring any potential holes or errors.
4. Conduct any additional research needed/check your facts - Now that you've drafted the article, read over it to check your facts and conduct any additional research you may need to fill in the holes.
5. Write the 2nd draft - It's true what they say, writing is rewriting. With the new facts and information gleaned from your additional research, rewrite your article.
6. Check the document for spelling and grammar - Read your article over again and this time focus on spelling and grammar. (Tip: If you read your article backwards word-by-word, starting at the end, you'll be able to better focus on the grammar and spelling).
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7. Upload pictures and postition them within the article - Online content is lively and vibrant. Get some relevant eye-candy and integrate it into your article.
8. Rewrite some of the key content using SEO strategies - If you want to increase your page views, spend a few moments editing a sentence here or there to contain a few more keywords.
9. Read the article aloud - Now that the article is almost exactly the way you want it, read it aloud to catch any awkward sentences or confusing sections.
10. Make any additional necessary edits - Did you find any additional errors by reading it aloud? Most people do. If so, make the changes and continue on.
11. Insert links and finalize formatting - Using the link/resource list you created in Step 2 (using Evernote or OneNote), add any links or resource information to the article. You can also make any last-minute changes to formatting.
12. Publish! - Congratulations, you've just written an article well worth your time and the time of your readers. Thank you for producing quality content that makes the web a better place!

Additional Resources

If you want a printable checklist to follow this writing workflow select the image below and save to your desktop.

Article Writing Checklist(132107)