The scoring systems of MMA and Boxing undergo lots of criticism. The first main criticism is that they are anti-climactic(the wrong person wins or there's no real winner) and the other is that it can lead to boring fights.

Now, let's look at Boxing first. There's the 10 point must system where the winner of the round gets 10 points and the loser gets 9 or less. There are 12 rounds but even with that long duration their are not very many finishes. So, really there's no way to efficiently do a draw system. The round by round system has flaws as one can barely win a round and the other can win a round huge while being lucky that he gets the round scored 10-8. The fight needs to be scored as a whole.

Then there's the issue of rewarding volume or damage. Damage leads to more exciting fights and you don't want the fighter who suffers more damage to win the fight as he could retire due to the damage! Fights should be scored by how much damage a fighter inflicts. When people buy PPVs they want definitive ends to the fights so the fight needs a score after the fight. It would be nice though if the judges had time to review the fight footage though to properly decide the true fight winner. Perhaps, after the fight a decision could be overturned if incorrect information shows up.

For MMA, there are more problems. First, is the round system. In boxing, ending a round in the middle of the action doesn't really matter because it doesn't rob anyone of dominant positions. In boxing you are either standing or clinched and when you're clinched you're not close to ending the fight. It's possible for a round to end when you have an opponent against the ropes but it's so easy to get out of a position in boxing just by clinching that it's not really a big deal. In MMA, round endings can interrupt points in a position that is very hard to obtain and a fighter is very close to finishing.

Rounds can end and rob fans of a climactic finish! The purpose of a round ending is to give fighters an opportunity to confer with their corners to try new strategies and to give fighters a breather so the pace can stay high. Waiting for the end of the round is not a valid technique to get out of a submission. Get rid of the 10 second warning bell. Rounds go at least 5 minutes. Fighters are to protect themselves at all times until the ref stops the fight. The ref waits until a lull in the action to end the round. The ref can never stop a round mid strike, in full mount, back control, or in other positions where a fighter is very close to finishing. Positions like side control can vary between being very close to finishing or being one sweep away from neutral position. Whether the ref ends the round should depend on how dominant the side control is.

Fights should remain 3 5-minute rounds as that's the best period to keep the pace high and exciting. If the fight doesn't result in a finish at the end of the rounds then an automatic draw is scored. In boxing, there is a standing eight count and knockouts are pretty rare at the upper echelons so you can be pretty sure that whoever does the most damage within 12 rounds would eventually knock the other opponent out. However, in MMA there are a lot more ways to finish and there are more knockouts. Hence, it not being so certain that the fighter in control would have eventually won the fight.

The problem with automatic draws is that fighters could stall to create a draw when put in their with an opponent that is a lot better than them. The solution for that is for refs to automatically call for a TKO if that is scored.

The scoring system of both MMA and Boxing has the potential to be modified to produce more exciting fights and more clear winners. The scoring system of both should be modified until the system that best enhances both is determined.