Most parents and teenagers today are struggling with more relationship issues due to the increased usage of TV and Computers, not to mention that bigger communities means bigger risks for your daughter to get involved with questionable groups of people.

Do you feel as if you're losing your connection to your daughter?

Has your familial bonds weakened due to family problems?

Does your daughter seem to hate you?

Then you've come to the right page.

As a daughter, I know why these parent-daughter relationships fail fast. I'm here to tell you how you can improve your relationship from my past experience as a teenager.

When I was 15, I hit my rebellious stage. This varies for many teenage daughters, and some will begin even earlier due to puberty and peer pressure. If you find that your daughter has become rebellious, this is not an instant sign of problems! Rebellious teenagers are normal; but when they get out of hand, you need to clamp down before it's too late to reverse the damage!

1) Is your Daughter using the computer 24/7?

mdcDo you come home and have your daughter snap and grouch towards you? Well, this is due to too much computer usage! Most Daughters are not receptive to 'friendly advice' to get off the computer, so you need to approach this topic in a much more subtle manner. My parents went the hard way by trying to give me 'times' to get off the computer, which only resulted in more conflict.

Instead of doing this, try to subtly get her involved in more outdoor activities or tasks. If she shows interest in cooking shows for instance, invite her to the kitchen to cook with you. Ask her what she wants to make, or suggest doing some baking.

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Also, try to show positive interest in her sport and art achievements. A little praise goes a very long way, and can affect them for life! I know I became an artist because my parents always gave a little time to say "wow" whenever they saw my work. You must say your praises with enthusiasm however! Daughter's can sense if you are lying.
By showing positive interest, she will be far more likely to join sport teams or clubs. Even if she doesn't, she may simply have a brighter attitude towards you in the long run.

2) Does your Daughter swear at you?

Daughter's swearing towards parents is a bad sign! If you are a mother or father to such a child, you have to begin to make immediate changes. First, pinpoint if the cause of this problem is from YOU. Are you doing anything to agitate them?
If the problem is not related to you, then she may be gaining bad influence from outside the household. If this is the case, there is not much you can do but subtly introduce articles or tv shows about children who have 'gone bad' in order to deter her from making the same mistakes.

mtfdSimilarly, if you are watching TV together and happen across things such as 'teenage pregnancy', you can make a small passing comment on how terrible it is, or how sad it is that their life is ruined. (Of course this is not always the case!) But this tiny little comment will begin to make sure SHE is thinking the same thing.
Don't try to push your own opinion on her, in fact, try to agree with her views as well, even if they disturb you. This is because teenage daughters will always have a strong mind, and will stubbornly think they are right - this does not mean they actually think the point they are saying is correct, but they certainly don't want to look 'wrong'. Unless your daughter repeatedly gives suspicious views on a topic, such as being a pro-nazi, and you are certain this is not a passing phase, then you really need to sit her down for a talk.

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3) How to talk to your daughter.

Daughters are always stubborn.
Daughters will never give in to being the loser, even if their case is hopeless.
The only way you can ease the pain is to either agree or be neutral on the topic. At the very least, just make sure she hears your point clearly without interruption and do not press the topic further. In return, you also have to hear her point clearly too.
This means BOTH of you cannot interrupt each other or press opinions on each other.

This is a VERY critical tip - I noticed whenever my mother would repeat her points over and over again without realizing it, simply agitating the situation. It always escalates into an argument. Try to avoid this, unless of course it is a very serious issue such as grand theft.

4) Whatever she does, YOU will always be there for her!

It's your job as a parent to look after your child, regardless of what she has done! It does not matter if she is a raving lunatic, a thieve, a murderer, a money-waster. You must always support her decisions and only do your best to 'informd2m' them on the right path. If they choose the wrong path, do not rub in the 'I told you so' factor in their faces over and over again. The only way you can improve your relationship is to constantly forgive and forget for them.
Your daughter is one of the only people who will qualify for this amount of unconditional love.

I hope you found this topic useful as it certainly would have saved me and my mum's time/anger. We would've had a much better time as I was younger! However, the past is the past.

Right now, my relationship with my mother is great. I hope it works for you too!