Gingerbread HouseChristmas is a time where families get together and create wonderful memories. All ages can join in the fun and preparations from great grandmothers to the youngest great grandchild! Sometimes during the hectic dinner preparations the children get lost in the commotion and seem to get in the way. What we do at our house is a fun project and keeps them busy for the hours before dinner. It is really amazing to see how they can use their imagination to create a masterpiece!

Things You Will Need

  • Gingerbread kits that can be purchased in any crafts store.
  • Plastic tablecloths from the dollar store that can be tossed out after the project.

Step 1

Prepare one or two workstations depending on the number of children.
Have a nice sized piece of heavy cardboard to use as a base at each table.
When there are 4 or more children it is best to divide them into two groups mixing the ages so some of the younger children are in with some of the older ones. We like to make it girls group and boys group!

Step 2

Set up all the items they will need. We always have plastic knives, clean paint brushes, toothpicks and anything else that comes to mind.
Place everything on a card table with a throw-away plastic tablecloth over it. Assign an adult or older teen to keep on eye on everything and give whatever help may be needed.

Step 3

There are instructions on the box for putting together the gingerbread house and it is very simple to do. Its the decorating that brings out the creativity in the children! We let them use anything edible and wait to see what they produce!

Step 4

When they are all finished, we all gather around to see the final masterpiece and vote on which is the best! (it is always a tie!) The completed gingerbread houses then become the centerpiece for the children's table!!

This is just one project for the children at Christmas, there are many more and it really adds to the fun of the day!

Tips & Warnings