Healthy pancakes are not as difficult to make as they might seem, and, with a little creativity you can also incorporate a patriotic theme into your pancakes without sacrificing anything. All it takes is a good pancake mix, raspberries or strawberries, blueberries, and walnuts to make a fun, nutritious treat that shows off your patriotism.

Make the Batter

Follow the directions given on the back of the mix box to make the batter for your healthy pancakes. There are many varieties of whole-grain pancake mixes out there, and using one of them is the easiest way to create nutritious and delicious pancakes. If the mix calls for milk, using skim milk can reduce calories without changing the flavors.

Incorporate Nuts

Chop a handful of walnuts for every batch of pancakes that will serve 4-6 people. Walnuts add a delightful crunch and protein to your pancakes, making them more than just a source of carbohydrates. Almonds and hazel nuts are popular alternatives to Walnuts for this purpose.

Use Red Berries

Wash and slice a handful of raspberries and/or strawberries for every batch of healthy pancakes that will serve 4-6 people. Raspberries only have to be halved, but you will want to dice strawberries more finely. Strawberries and/or raspberries are full of antioxidants, and they will be the red in your red, white, and blue pancakes.

Use Blue Berries

Wash and throw a handful of blueberries (the blue in your patriotic theme) into your mixing bowl. These berries are also rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Add the other berries and walnuts.

Stir and Cook

Mix all the berries and walnuts into your batter thoroughly. Then, cook pancake batter as directed on the back of the box of mix that you are using to make your healthy pancakes.

Garnish and Dress Appropriately

Use butter and low-calorie syrup as desired. You can also garnish your healthy pancakes with low-calorie whipped cream (for the color white) if you desire. Enjoy your patriotic treat!

More Tips and Suggestions

• Frozen fruit can be used if fresh berries are not in season, just make sure that you thaw them well before slicing.

• Adding berries and walnuts to this breakfast treat is a great way to get your kids to enjoy healthy pancakes without them even knowing it!

• Be careful not to add too much fruit, as it will make the pancakes more difficult to cook.