Learn how you can increase blog traffic with viral marketing.

Have you ever wondered why other blogs receive so much traffic?

Do you want to increase traffic to your blog?

You can use viral marketing to increase blog traffic in much the same way that you can use viral marketing to increase website traffic.

How Viral Marketing Works to Increase Blog Traffic
increase blog taffic with viral marketing

'Viral marketing' is a term that refers to a type of marketing that's spread by consumers. It spreads from one person to another the same way that a virus spreads, hence the name. In a viral marketing campaign you use clever ads that entertain and amaze to compel people to share them with their friends through email and social networking sites.

You can utilize many types of technology in viral marketing, including video clips, articles and images. Viral marketing will increase blog traffic by the sheer numbers of people that it can reach.

  1. Upload Videos

    To increase blog traffic using video viral marketing, you need to be creative. Create entertaining video clips and upload them to YouTube. Include your blog link in your YouTube profile, and post the links to your YouTube videos on your blog. If YouTube viewers like your videos, they'll share them with others and will likely visit your blog.

  1. Write Articles

    Information is often used in viral marketing. Write informative articles and post them on your blog, then use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to direct readers to it. You'll increase blog traffic dramatically by providing interesting information that readers will want to share.

  1. Post on Other Blogs

    Spend some time posting on other people's blogs. Find ones with questions that you are able to answer and offer helpful advice and useful information. Include the link to your blog, and other bloggers are likely to return the favor and help you increase blog traffic.

Any type of marketing can become viral marketing. The key is to be creative and clever and produce something that people will enjoy sharing with others. You can increase blog traffic while having some fun as well.

Whatever material you decide to use, it must be something that people will look at voluntarily, and then share with others. The magic of viral marketing is that most people don't mind viewing advertisements if they're being entertained.

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