Millions of people in the United States alone suffer from lack of bone density. What it does is causes your bones to be much more brittle than they normally would. Thus leading to things such as fractures and bad posture. However, if you know what to do you can prevent ever loosing your bone density or even fix it.


These are a just a few ideas and tips for you, something as serious as having a low bone density should be seen by a doctor. They will be able to recommend you on which course of action or medication you should take.


How You Loose Bone Density

As you age your bones lose calcium. This makes them weaker and more porous, this is where the term osteoporosis comes from. Since your bones lack calcium and turn porous they are a lot easier to break. Something as simple as stubbing your toe could lead to a fractured foot.


How to Increase Your Bone Density

There is almost nothing that happens to you that a good diet cannot fix, this is no different. Your body is deficient on some of its main vitamins and minerals which is leading to a loss of bone density. That is why you need plenty of calcium and vitamin D. Calcium is the mainly what a bone is made out of, so you will need plenty of that in your diet. Vitamin D is what the body uses to absorb calcium, so it assists your body in using the calcium basically.


Foods You Should Eat

You could always take supplements to get your diet on track. Your body does not absorb them better than foods, however it is better than nothing so if you have no other choice that is a good option. However, if you can adjust your diet soon then you should make sure to include a few things such as; plenty of dairy, fish products, Leafy vegetables, oranges, kinds of meats, white beans, and okra.


Those are some high calcium foods that you could eat. I am sure you are wondering about vitamin D though. Vitamin D is best if your body makes it itself. How does it do that? Standing outside in the sun gives your body a chance to produce its own vitamin D. Usually 15-30 minutes a day is good enough.


Exercising to Increase Bone Density

There are studies that state there are three factors to consider if an exercise is good for increasing bone density. These things are; Amount of strain, rate of strain, and frequency of strain. Any exercise you do for increasing bone density should be one of these things. Such as lifting weights is size of strain. While running is a large frequency of strain. If at least one of these are in place then the strain that is placed on the bones stimulates your bone cells to re form and keep more calcium.


There are some exercises that will actually lower your bone density if you aren't careful. Something such as biking is known to decrease the bone density. This is probably because your bones aren't under any significant strain, while still loosing lots of nutrients in your sweat.