How to Increase Computer Speed

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There's nothing worse than trying to log in to your computer to check your mail, surf the web or get some business done only to have it take so long that you forget what you wanted to do...
Stay calm and learn how to help your pc to run smoothly and safely with these tips that will increase speed and functionality so that you can be productive with your time and eliminate frustration. Be proactive and save yourself headaches when your machine is running slow. This will be time well spent in the long run.


Things You Need to Increase Computer Speed

  • Computer
  • Time
  • Spyware program

Increase Computer Speed with Daily Care - Clear Cookies
To remove cookies and increase computer speed, go to the start button, control panel, internet options, general properties and click on cookies, delete cookies and then wait for the clearing and hit ok.


Increase Speed with Daily Care - Delete Browsing History
To increase pc speed, delete the browsing history by going to the start button, control panel, internet options, general properties and click on browsing history, temporary internet files, delete, wait for the clearing of files and then hit ok.

Disc Clean-Up
Perform a disc clean-up by going to Start, Programs, Accessories, Tools. Scroll down to disc clean-up and click on OK. The computer will automatically scan files to analyze unnecessary files. It should take 3-5 minutes to complete. Run the disc clean-up monthly or more often if necessary.

Disc De-fragmentation
Go to Start, Programs, Accessories and then Tools. Scroll down to disc defragmenter and click on it. This feature will analyze and de-fragment to compact files and should take 5-10 minutes to complete. Run the disc de-fragment monthly or more often if needed.


Desktop Care
Using your computer mouse, right click an item on your desktop space. Scroll over to send to and send to my documents to keep the desktop of your computer clean with minimal files that can slow down the speed of your computer. Create a new folder for all desktop items that can be stored separately without taking up so much space which in turn slows down computer speed. This will speed up your computer.


Photograph Care
Increase computer speed by deleting all unnecessary photos which take up a lot of space and slow the computer down. Place photographs on a disc for storage until you need them or sort through them now and email friends that would like them. Hanging on to old photographs in the computer is not helpful to the system.


Check Favorite Area of Computer
Search for your favorite or bookmark area of the computer. Scroll down to each item, right click on it and delete any unnecessary sites that are no longer needed. Remove as much as possible to increase the speed of the computer. Check this area monthly to keep your computer running smoothly.


Check My Documents Folders
Go to the My documents folders area of the computer to determine if any of those saved files can be removed from the computer. Many times we save a file and never end up needing or using it, all these folders take up valuable space and removing them will help your computer to run more effectively. If so, right click and delete the file to increase speed of computer. Check this area several times per year so that your computer will run smoothly as well as to increase computer speed. This is where many of the photos are kept and this area needs to be checked. Delete whatever is no longer needed or move off of the computer to help speed it up and to work most efficiently.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use a spyware program set to routinely check your computer daily for viruses and spyware that can damage computer and interfere with how fast your pc starts and runs.
  • If a pop-up appears in the middle of your work that states you now have a virus, immediately close what you are working on, turn the computer off and re-boot the system. Many times this is merely a spyware program trying to use a scare tactic that makes you think you need to run their scan now and buy their program. Choose another program when you are ready from a site that you trust.
  • Backup routinely with a disc or external drive that can store all of your important files, photos, emails and work should the machine ever crash or become damaged by a power surge or other emergency. We never think anything will happen to us or our equipment until catastrophe strikes. It's always best to be prepared for the worst.
  • Keeping it clean will also help it to run smoothly and also faster. Use a small dust spray cleaner to all the key areas as well as the back fan areas. When you notice the fan area starts to get very warm or even hot quickly, it's time to clean that area. Also try shutting down or putting it in hibernate mode when not in use will help your computer to last longer as well.


Purchase a spyware program that will keep any viruses from destroying your computer system and information. It will be worth the yearly or monthly cost to have the peace of mind. There are several great options that can be found online at amazon so that you can comparison shop for the best deal.


By spending an hour to clear out unnecessary items from your computer now and then spending a few minutes daily on clearing cookies and files, you'll speed up your computer and it should last you a long time. Good luck and may your system last and run smoothly.

Get started on clearing out all those old files and doing your system checks soon. You'll be happy that your computer won't be as likely to crash!




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