Organizations and companies are always focusing on their products to increase the sales and increase consumer satisfaction. What they don’t realize is that employees are more to concentrate on because these are the people who produce the output. The rise in the trend of companies focusing on employees made way to the delivery of greater costumer experience.

Companies need to focus as much attention to employee satisfaction like what they are doing to customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is the end goal of companies, and this is also achieved with a good connection made between the customer and the employee.

When employees are satisfied, they tend to work better and connect better to consumers. In fact, employee satisfaction is the main reason for retention in companies and retention is synonymous to better service and reduced expenditures for recruitment and placement. According to research, 84% of companies who improve employee satisfaction have improved consumer satisfaction and higher sales.

Among the companies that provide better employee satisfaction include O2, Zappos, Burberry and Google. Same research also indicates that companies who have poor employee satisfaction had greater drop out of loyalty among the employees and customers. This shows that investing on people is similar to having better business outcomes.

These are just some of the benefits of improving satisfaction among employees. Among the other benefits of employee satisfaction include:

  • Better customer experience

Employee satisfaction improves their ability to connect with customers because if they are satisfied, they are able to communicate well to the customers the objectives and services of their company. Employees who are taken care of also understand the mission and goals of the organization very well.

  • Increased success in sponsorships

Companies sponsor various events and festivities to increase their publicity and direct attention of people to their products or services. However, the success of sponsorships does not only rely on the amount of money or donation companies give to organizers, but also lies on the ability of the employees to monitor and evaluate the success of the event. When employees are more satisfied, they tend to promote their products better and make sponsorships more successful.

  • Better company functioning

The overall functioning of companies relies on the employees for a smoother flow. From the offices and even the factories, satisfied employees work best for the nice flow of work inside a company.

There will be a lot of ways to increase employee satisfaction, but the most basic things that you can do include:

1. Pay them on time.

This may sound generic, but some companies just don’t realize that employees who do not receive payments on time tend to reduce their motivation to work.

2. Give acknowledgements for work done.

All people need some sense of acknowledgment from other people, especially from their boss. If they are being acknowledge for the works they have done, it gives them more motivation and willingness to strive harder.

3. Be fair.

Fairness means looking into your employees in same perspectives. It may be wise to treat your housekeeper the same as your assistant and the like. In this way, employees feel that they are being regarded, regardless of what roles they play in the company.

These are usually the things that employees need to make employees satisfied in their work. It is then essential for companies to consider building people rather than focusing solely on their products and customer satisfaction.