Some people who owns a website just hire someone to make their site really sell but it could also cost them a certain amount of money. You can make money online in your own creative way by owning and designing your website.



things you'll need:

  • Money to upgrade your site
  • Time, effort and dedication
  • Lots of original content for your website
  • Affiliate programs
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      Add very clear and appealing videos that could be useful and helpful for your online visitors. You can just add your products or services at the bottom of each video so that the shoppers can also view them while the video is being played. The advertised products or services should also coincide to the powerful and convincing message that is being viewed by your online customers.

      A video on every page of your website could be an effective tool but avoid placing too many on your website especially if you had noticed that very few are just looking at them. Video demos and testimonials may be profitable because it could give you a high lead-conversion if it is well made.

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      Select and use the right technology that can provide accurate alerts for the actions made from potential buyers when they visit your website. For example, a shopping feature that tells online consumers the right amount of money they need to spend in order to reach another discount threshold is really useful for your site to make more profits.

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      Continue to build back-links for your website. Having a lot of back-links could take some time but you can even do it without spending money. 

      Back-links are very useful for your site especially if you want to sell or promote something on the web. If you have a huge amount of back-links, they could inform search engines that your web pages should be viewed by online users and as a result, you'll get higher ranking as well.

      There are many ways of getting back-links such as article or email marketing, posting on forums, and much more. Effective back-links could make search engines crawl into your website easy and fast. 

      You don't have to buy links from websites because generally, big search engines like Google and Yahoo may not likely consider a link that is bought. Therefore, spending money only to purchase these links is a waste of money.

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      Choose an operating system for your site that can run smoothly with any browser. Quality websites should accommodate all online customers as much as possible and function well whether they use Firefox, Explorer, or other browsers on the world wide web.

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      Join well-established affiliate programs so that you can increase your earnings online. If there are many online users that will visit your attractive site and click on ads and purchase products coming from various affiliate programs that you had joined then your earnings will definitely increase. Take note that you don't have to pay any fee to join an affiliate program online.

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      Allow people to use certain products or services free of charge that doesn't limit them because it's just a trial period. If you let them use any product for free without financial commitment and then upgrade if they like using it then this could convince them that your site can offer free stuff without strings attached and this is really good advertisement. When they have confidence in the product then they will do business with you since they were able to enjoy it for free during the initial use.

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      Increase your website's traffic. You may able to do this by writing quality articles and classifieds to famous classified sites where you can open an account for free. Writing articles related to your site's content, then linking them back to your website can boost your traffic. 

      You will only place your websites URL in your resource box as the author and it's done. Examples of famous article directories are Ehow,, and much more. Some sites will even offer payment like Ehow when you write articles for them so this is an added online income for you.

      Join popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter then bookmark your unique articles. There are more popular social networking sites on the web and all you have to do is research them. You may also build up friend connections in any of these websites so that you can also inform them about your site. 

      Build an interesting blog that will also create links to your website in order to increase traffic. You can also comment on popular blogs associated to your site's specialized topic. You may do this by placing your website's URL link on your helpful and useful blog comments so that people can just click then find your website.

Tips & Warnings:

  • Spend a little more for a nice, inviting and clean site that will fit your product's identity and brand.
  • Continue to research what's new on the web in order to increase your earnings from your website because what will work today may no longer be effective the following day.
  • Do not leave a deadlock or blind alley on any web page of your site. You need to offer suggestions to your online visitors where they should go next by giving them activity links to let them stay on your site since they are potential customers. Your final links may read like "Want to try it free? Just click here", "Buy now and avail of our free shipping with this product", etc.
  • Avoid placing annoying and big "Buy now" buttons on every page of your site because it could scare potential shoppers. When a customer is ready to buy, he or she will just look for the check-out link on your website.
  • Ask your online customer only the necessary information. Requiring potential shoppers to fill-out long customer forms can be time consuming and they may just change their mind upon purchasing your products or services.
  • Avoid giving too many options for your online visitors so that they won't get confused about where to go.