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Increase Adsense Earnings at InfoBarrel

Many InfoBarrel writers are here with a goal to earn money and create a steadily increasing stream of residual income. InfoBarrel writers save their earnings, re-invest it in other business ventures, and pay bills. When your online earnings at InfoBarrel are lower than you expect it is frustrating. For months, I was frustrated by low earnings. After breaking the earnings problem down I found three contributing factors to my low or non-existent Google Adsense earnings on InfoBarrel: my lack of articles, InfoBarrel's lower page rank or strength, and my failure to write right enough. It was time to scrap the old approach and start over.

Quantity and Quality of Content

I did not have enough articles to reasonably judge my earnings but I was. Many of them lacked search engine optimization (SEO). I decided I needed to get at least 100 articles and reassess. So I began writing. I don't write fast articles. An attention dis-ability prevents me from whipping them out like I want. I'll probably never win the InfoBarrel monthly contest, but I try. It's motivation and good for topics. In July, I began writing more articles to push past the 100 article mark. In October, I now have approximately 170 InfoBarrel articles. Each month since July I have increased my earnings, doubling and tripling them.

The first thing you need to do to increase earnings at InfoBarrel is write more articles. The standard quantity is around 100 articles over 3 months old so they can find their spot in the search engine (SE). The concept of writing more articles to increase earnings is very important. Too often writers complain, give up, or think the website is failing them when it's usually the case that they are somehow failing themselves (myself included). Use the contest to get content if you're stuck. Most of all, write enough contest related articles to increase your payout to 90%. Just that will help increase InfoBarrel earnings because your ID is shown 15% more.

Increase Adsense Income: InfoBarrel Page Rank and SEO - A Word to eHow Writers

InfoBarrel writers who wrote for high page rank sites like eHow tend to begin writing at InfoBarrel with false expectations. InfoBarrel and eHow do not have the same page rank (PR), the #1 reason eHow articles ranked high. No, it was not your brilliant SEO and writing that got your eHow articles to the top of Google, it was eHow's PR. Writing at InfoBarrel is an investment in a revenue share site that listens to its writers. The lower PR can be overcome with skill. InfoBarrel is a writer's site, so have some faith because InfoBarrel is growing quickly. The lower PR can impact earnings, so you have to work harder when you start writing InfoBarrel articles, if you want to increase earnings. Learn to implement on-page SEO. InfoBarrel articles require better keyword research, topic choice, and backlinking strategies than eHow articles. There are tons of excellent free keyword research tools like Google Adwords keyword tool, Wordtracker, and Market Samurai's free tool and SEO trial. Read blogs about writing better content and how to increase earning by learning SEO techniques. Learning to write successfully at InfoBarrel will enable you to write anywhere else online and earn. Earning InfoBarrel writers know more about keyword research, backlinking, SEO, and on page optimization than those who only wrote for eHow (or other higher PR sites).

Use Revenue Share Bookmark Sites for Do Follow Backlinks

Optimizing SEO, keyword research and backlinking strategies help you rank higher in Google and other search engines (SE). High SE ranking leads to increased article views increasing odds of higher InfoBarrel earnings. Use revenue share sites for backlinking. Use Hubpages to write articles that complement IB articles. Use Seekyt, a newer article site that shows huge promise. Bookmark at Infopirate, an 80% revenue share with do follow links. All of these have made money themselves and increased my InfoBarrel earnings via traffic and boosting page rank. You should sign up for Infopirate to get do follow earning bookmarks and sign up for Seekyt for article revenue share and backlinks. Use keyword density checkers for your keyword. Density should be 1% to 4%, as long as it reads well.

Regarding eHow--writers who sought refuge at IB after eHow closed their WCP were hugely disadvantaged. Many old eHow writers signed up here, wrote a few articles then quit after failing to earn money quickly. This included "seasoned" eHow writers, some who then blogged about their "non-earning experience" at InfoBarrel. It was the writer, not the site, who failed to earn money. Writing at eHow as a first residual income site spoiled writers and inflated their earning egos although they didn't know it, and some still don't see it. I learned the definition of SEO, but not how to implement it. My raw ability didn't earn at first either because I knew definitions, not how to do keyword research or how to implement SEO on the page, both critical parts of increasing earnings.

How to Increase InfoBarrel Earnings: Write Quality Content

Tips to Write a Better Quality Article

Focus on quality articles not mass produced quantities. Write quality content if you want to increase InfoBarrel earnings. No doubt there are crappy articles that earn just as there are great articles that do not. Earn with quality. Spelling errors and other mistakes can immediately turn someone off, make them hit the back button and make them distrust you. These things can prevent repeat readers or RSS subscribers. It also makes "professional writers" think those who write for sites like InfoBarrel are worthless writers churning out bad content. If you make frequent spelling mistakes then you're not using spell check, and some of us know it. One of the most frequently misspelled words is spelling "a lot" as "alot". The latter is not a word. It's either "a lot" or "allot". I recently read a forum thread unrelated to writing about misspelled words and readers thoughts on them. It was harsh. You can and will lose readers by making simple and accidental errors like spelling and grammar mistakes.

Use these writing tips to increase InfoBarrel earnings:

  • Use spell check. Use a Word program before you publish. Press the "ABC" with the check mark on the InfoBarrel article editor. Spell check wont catch everything and is not automatically done.
  • Publish then read your article. Too many writers publish without viewing their finished product.
  • Use proper titles. Do not use all CAPS or write a title that only first word capitalized. Grammatically correct titles look professional and help increase InfoBarrel earnings.
  • Do not use text message language like "lol" or "WTF" etc.
  • Write in the 3rd person. Avoid saying "I, me, my" unless it is a review article.
  • Don't tell the reader what you're going to do, show them. For example, you don't need to say, "now I'll get you stats from..." and then explain your steps. The reader doesn't care and you might lose them. Just tell them "the stats from ___..." or similar depending on your topic.
  • Use straightforward and succinct sentences. This is sometimes hard if you are trying to make a certain word count. Skip fluff words, set the article aside and come back to it later.

Tips to Make More Money Writing at InfoBarrel

The bottom line is that you can increase InfoBarrel earnings. Most of us have fragments of information that need to come together to increase InfoBarrel earnings. That is what happened for me. To earn at InfoBarrel you have to work harder (or put your knowledge to work) than other places until you get what it takes to earn here. InfoBarrel doesn't auto rank high like eHow. Every site takes something different to earn. As for Hubpages I'm still on the fence since I only have 11 articles. It is too soon to decide. To writers thinking that you cannot earn here, think again. You must be willing to take the bumps and bruises of learning keyword research, using headers, interlinking articles (but not too much), diversifying writing style, backlinking, optimizing content, and adapting with internet changes.

Stop and reconsider writing if you're struggling to earn money on InfoBarrel, but aren't willing to try to take pointers from those who are earning, at InfoBarrel or elsewhere like the Warrior Forum or other successful SEO gurus or forums. Writing online for money is not for everyone. This is not a get rich quick job. It is a lot of work besides just writing articles. I've seen new people come to the forums and ask for all the information and vaguely thank anyone, just wanting answers. That's just not cool. It's one thing to interact and another to take. If you want to increase InfoBarrel earnings combine your information, set goals, find SEO tips, learn about keywords and search trends, read and write outside of InfoBarrel, and make sure you have the patience for free writing that may not earn. Then, get writing!

This is just how I have been able to increase my earnings. The first step to changing anything is recognition. That's part of what this article is about. Examine your process if you are not earning like you want. Increasing income online is a lot of work. This is definitely not an exhaustive list of tips to increase income. Read my October earnings report. Check out the related article on learning to choose keywords that earn, a piece that started as part of this article on earnings. Everyone can earn money writing online, but it requires patience to see the big picture of earnings over time.

**Note: Writing online is not solely about earnings. Myself, and other writers, do it to share knowledge and help others. Some of the articles that I am most proud of earn little, but have the potential to help someone turn their life around. The great thing about writing is its individuality. Write to earn, write to learn, write to teach, and soon you are doing it all.

Image Credit: Growing Money