Many countries take immense pride in their National Art Galleries, Museums and other National cultural heritages. It is therefore important for local and international visitors who come to see these national treasures are provided with exceptional customer service, because without people visiting many would struggle to survive.

Although entry is mostly free to many museums and funding is generally provided from public taxes by Governments to maintain buildings that house National art treasures and priceless rare museum pieces, it is still necessary for these popular tourist attractions to diversify. This is necessary (in many cases) so capital reserves and funding can be boosted in an effort to compete for the consumer's dollar, which can be difficult during an economic downturn.

These day's, to help generate funding many museums and galleries derive income from products sold in souvenir shops, refreshments from cafes, special exhibitions of works of art and by hiring out premises for conferences, private functions and corporate events.

The key to sustainability therefore is to increase visitor numbers not only from the local population but also from other cities and countries. However, using appropriate customer service skills by employees is equally important because it has the benefit of enhancing for visitors the reputation and image of the place they are visiting.

For example, providing good customer service can be implemented by warmly welcoming visitors so that they feel relaxed and safe in their environment. Also, it is important to ensure an employee is always available to meet and greet visitors and to provide appropriate directions and information if and when required.

It can also be very tiring for elderly people walking around museums and exhibitions, so by using proficient customer service skills to look after their requirements, such as letting them know where they can sit down and have a cup of coffee in comfort and where the rest rooms can be found will be appreciated and may help with return business and customer loyalty.

By providing visitors with a high level of customer service is also very rewarding for employees and can have the positive effect of increasing job satisfaction for them knowing they have provided good service that has met the customer's expectations.