10 Ways to Increase Your Twitter Followers

This article addresses the common "how to increase my Twitter followers" question for both new and experienced Twitter users.  If you are looking to boost your follower count, this article is for you. 
How to Increase My Twitter Followers

1. Follow More People Yourself - Many Twitter users will follow those who are following them. Follow a broader net of people who interest you and you may be surprised at how many follow you back.  If you are simply interested in sheer follower numbers, there are some Twitter accounts that automatically follow back those who follow them.  You can even find lists of these accounts.  

2. Make Your Tweets Count - Keep your tweets relevant to your area of expertise, or at least make them entertaining.  Tweets about what you are eating or where your airplane just landed may not captivate enough people, but providing thoughtful content, especially if it is exclusive to your Twitter audience, will attract and retain followers.

3. Give Stuff Away - Offer to give away a free prize to a random new follower.  You might also want to surprise an old follower with a prize of some sort too.  For an example of this "give stuff away" technique, you can look to Tony Hawk, who once hid skateboards around the country for Easter and gave away hints to his audience on Twitter where to find them.

4. Promote Your Twitter Handle Everywhere - Put your twitter handle on your email signature, Linkedin, Facebook, forum signatures, and everywhere else you have an opportunity online.  You can also promote your twitter handle offline, on your business card or on a bumper sticker.

5. Buy Followers - There are also ways to buy Twitter followers from a variety of services online.  These followers are often low quality, however.  In addition, this practice may be against the Twitter terms of service, so check before you consider this option.

6. Be Human - Humans like to build relationships with other humans, so put a face on your account, use your real name, and properly describe who you are and what you do.  I think you will see your follower count rise as a result.  

7.  Use Hashtags - Using hashtags with your tweets will help a broader mix of people find you.  For example, if you tweet a recipe, end your tweet with the hashtag #recipe so that anyone searching for the recipe hashtag will have an opportunity to see your tweet, and potentially follow you.

8. Retweet - Retweeting interesting tweets and mentioning other twitter users with @ replies will enhance your twitter relationships with those people, who will then be more likely to follow you.

9. Use multimedia - Photos and videos are easy to share on Twitter. If you've got a good one, share it and hope for a retweet, which will expand your message beyond your own audience and hopefully result in some new followers.

10. Search for the #followback hashtag - A final way on how to increase Twitter followers is to do a search for the Twitter hashtag of #followback and this will often turn up a list of accounts that will follow-you back when you follow them. 

I hope these tips help you to solve the "how to increase my Twitter followers" dilemma.